Season begins investments with very little promising omens. Should think carefully where to put the money before doing anything.

The year 2011 has passed at the forecast, marked by the complicated economic recovery, the slowdown in Germany and France, the difficult growth of the eurozone countries, stagnant job creation in America, etc. So, virtually no one has won significant amounts of money. Reaches the beginning of the course but the forecasts are even worse, so you should learn more than ever, not to pull resources out of the window. Start September with very negative omens warn of imminent entry into a new recession. The unfortunate words of Christine Lagarde, director of the International Monetary Fund (IMF), warning that the economy is going down, caused a sharp cut in the main European stock exchanges. Investors find little positive news to encourage them to make major moves.

Tips from banks and investment funds

When you go to a bank or investment services company to ask about where to put the money, are positive and reassuring. All are songs of sirens. It feels like an unbeatable economic times. Not that the advice they provide are all bad, some are saved, but should study them carefully before doing anything and tread warily. Advisers often recommend that investors address the emerging bags, supposedly recorded significant increases. He points to countries like India, Chile, Sri Lanka, Indonesia and the Philippines, which have recently performed well. However, the financial surplus invested there will ultimately be harmful, and it is not at all clear that their bags will go up.


Investing in the stock market in developing countries

All indications are that will continue full steam ahead at full speed bags from India and Mexico, as currently recorded highs. But these complex countries that few experts understood. Most estimates of supposed experts of the world trading floors are not as reliable as it seems. In any case, it is advised that if someone wants to invest in these markets, often corrupt and unclear, do not do it alone, because you can cheat your money. If encouraged, it must do so through mutual funds.

Investing in commodities and gold

The gold is always a safe bet and it is advised at all times as good investments for tough times, so we speak of a safe haven. The problem is that after the economic downturn was reversed in both gold and rose so much, reaching historic highs, which is already talk of a possible outbreak of the gold bubble. Since then, they have gone very well for those who entered this area long ago, but perhaps it is too late to enter. Some investors have shifted to other precious metals like silver. It is said that this year who will do well to invest in copper.

For those wanting to risk a little, there is always the option of opting for the debt . At least not lose money by inflation. He usually wins something, at least enough to not lose purchasing power and a little more. But there are times for frantic adventures, so that should be fairly considered. In recent years has increased the profitability of coupon interest.

Investing in the stock of United States and Spain

For those brave enough to go all out the best option is to opt for strong multinational with little debt and no doubt, are the next best withstand another recession. All indications are that the actions of these companies will not be increased beyond belief in the coming months, but some companies like Microsoft, Apple, Coca Cola and Yahoo does not seem likely to fall. Something big would happen.