The money is made on the mints, circulates in the world and comes into our hands. How do you keep it there?

The success of those who have much money with him is ‘make’ money, but to find the means by which the money in the world can get to your hands and the strategies to keep it as long as possible.

Training thinking

Entrepreneurs from the likes of Donald Trump or Warren Buffet, Carlos Slim or Henry Ford, people who have remained in history for their contributions to humanity as Walt Disney and Thomas Edison, are characters that have something in common: They trained his mind. Any coach, good or bad, good or bad, know that good training is what gives good results. People looking for a coach for the results it produces in its “players”, but in reality it’s the players that get results. That way recognizes successful man is he who must do the training, of course it is much easier when you have a person who is supporting and pushing every day what you do. But it’s what you do that which will bring about change.


The commitment

When it comes to do something, to get somewhere a goal to a goal, one can think of many things, have thousands of ideas and imagine many strategies, but what it will deliver the results you are committed to take into achieve the goals. A person can get to your destination only if you have clear goals to follow, and they are going to take to get the results you expect. The word commitment really means with promise, which means that who is committed is because she made a promise to fulfill something. A promise binds the person to what he said, to his honor, that he could trust her. Promise means “before change” is that place that takes on any subject before you start building it again, it’s a state of mind with which the individual is invested.

Controlling attention

Fix the attention on something causes the brain build permanence mechanisms that something. So when a person pays attention to the good things that have happened in life, in the future your brain build mechanisms to pay special attention to generate more good situations in which the person can be fixed. That is why attention is who controls able to control his destiny. And in the same place is the idea of ​​controlling what each person is able to see on your way. Some see problems and some see opportunities. And it all depends on how each person is focusing their thoughts and attention regarding the circumstances that are going on.

Continue to learn

The big difference from those who make changes in the world, is constantly evolving, enhance their skills through courses that lead them to be better every day. A student can go to take the same class every three years, and implement what you learn there, and every year will be much better than the previous year.