Investment in mobile advertising and marketing exponential growth recorded in order of value as a decoy for the sale and prescription services.

Today, the planning of advertising and marketing to achieve success requires taking new directions. Investment in mobile marketing in Spain surpass the magic figure of 100 million euros at the end of 2012, starring in the sector a 59% increase in its level of investment. Also, forecasts for 2013 predict an escalation of similar proportions, as by then is expected to grow 62% through the issuance of bills worth 167 million euros.


According to the study IV “investment in mobile advertising and marketing 2011” , presented last week in Madrid by the mobile marketing association in Spain, Spain MMA, the set of actions that enable enterprises to communicate and interact with their audience in a personalized way and sometimes interactively, through any digital device or mobile network, has also grown exponentially in 2011. The business has exceeded 63 million euros of investment, compared to 2010 recorded an increase of 67.4%, in line with the projected annual average growth.

Mobile Internet is a bonanza

In terms of investment by technology, applications related to mobile internet -banners as well-indexed searches last year reached a record investment of 26 million euros. Undoubtedly it is a strategic resource for advertisers. If you look at the profile of the latter corresponds to the largest investment products in the telecommunication environment, with great maturity in the market. Also the automotive industry invests large amounts of euros in mobile marketing. 17.9% of total investment in 2011. Follow the beverage industry, with 9.2% and 8.8% textile.

The strengths of mobile marketing are related to electronic commerce (21.4%) and measuring return on investment (19.6%). Other equally interesting are the ability to generate awareness (18.3%), the image of innovation that is transmitted (14.4%) and the possibility of segmenting the messages (13.3%). In addition, advertisers positively valued the immediacy of the possibilities of direct collection without there being any other model.

Differentiate with built-in innovation

Operate dynamic marketing solutions in retail outlets and service centers of all types ensures the highest quality impact. You can manage commercial content through a defined schedule, and promote offers and new items more efficiently. The digital signage solutions ensure added value of flexibility by allowing the constant updating of content and make emissions depending on the clientele that we have at any given time. It also includes the establishment that increases your chances of fidealizar customers. The plus of modernity and innovation that is achieved is in line with the new profile of customer / buyer, for whom the dynamic marketing more enjoyable shopping experience.

For manufacturers and service providers of all types, digital signage environment includes powerful tools and modern communication available to reach potential consumers at the point of sale, where you decide to purchase. Addition to other factors, it is because it allows for communication and audio visual counterpart to the traditional communication.

Cocktail sensory and claim

The digital signage successfully meets its functionality in capturing the attention of visitors to shopping centers, either through a videowall, multimedia kiosks or professional displays. Also the sectors of hotels and restaurants make profits with the use of digital signage technologies. Major hotel chains are installing screens in Spain corporate information channels, offers and promotions. Also taking advantage of this solution bars and cafes, for example, alternating the issue of sporting events with your own content, event promotions and advertising providers. Amusement arcades, casinos make leaps and himself an increasing use of digital signage solutions, either through the prize promotion, events or use as advertising space.