Did you know that most entrepreneurs, even the most experienced and experts, they make a glaring error when they enter a new market with a new product or service? Many entrepreneurs do not “do marketing” because they think that advertising campaigns on TV, radio or newspapers are expensive, and they are right, because the advertising of these media is expensive!

But this is a half-truth , in fact, the vast majority of entrepreneurs does marketing for another and much simpler reason: do not know what the marketing! In fact, there is data that you can not argue: in addition to entrepreneurs, businesses, there are far too many “marketing managers” who still think that the word “marketing” can be translated easily with the word “Advertisement” or even worse, with the word “Sale”.

Usually, in fact, the majority of business owners when they decide to start a new business are concerned about some aspects of the business such as:


1) Look for a location where to carry out the activity (often very close to the nipple because the highway to improve access to services supply and distribution);

2) Choose the most technologically advanced and efficient way to produce a product to the expectations of the entrepreneur;

3) Prepare the production layout more rational, effective and efficient way to reduce waste;

4) Finding a reliable supplier, reliable, timely, and (possibly) inexpensive to ensure the quality and efficiency of supply;

5) Look human resources able to ensure the best implementation of the production process, minimizing inefficiencies business;

6) Organize a “generalissimo” distribution system able to reach even the most remote locations;

7) Reach your customers.

It happens, however, that this vast majority of entrepreneurs underestimate and forget (just because I do not know) the most important aspect of all activity and some questions you should ask yourself well before you start some investments, namely.