Economic analysis of the “boom” and the most affected, the terminally ill. Origin, consequences and possible solutions to the problem.

Spain has gone from being the European leader in construction and home sales to break the record in hospice: about 250,000 in two years. In 2011, far from reducing these figures, only in the first quarter, triple the previous year. The numbers are a reflection of stories, such as Victoria, a 84 year old woman suffering from terminal cancer, diabetes and obesity is prevented from moving. He lived with his son with 41% disability. Today we no longer have homes. At the other 175 days are lived realities like this.


Source of the housing bubble

Many are wondering what happened to the country four years ago built and sold more than Germany, France and Britain together, living a drama of this caliber. In some sectors are noted as key moment “The land law of 1998” created during the Aznar government, which can be built almost all the territory except that which is protected. In this climate of endless construction, housing banks rated at very high prices, large number of loans granted further inflating debt and abusive fees applied now pay with their homes and hundreds of Spanish jobs. Corruption and financial speculation have been the main driver of the “housing bubble” already in 2008 left more than 20% arrest.

So far the only measure taken to stop the solution has been a moratorium on mortgage payments were allocated to about 6,000 million euros, of which only 72 million were used for this purpose. The great failure of this legislation is due to the harsh conditions imposed impossible to meet at such a crisis. The requirements were that no fee was due, the debt was not more than 170,000 euros, the bank also had the last word, among others. But for some, these are few and inadequate measures. Jon Aguirre, architect and spokesperson for “Real Democracy Now” you think are the banks and not terminally ill that must be swallowed whole speculation. Therefore, it makes no sense to leave it to the bank these decisions.
The exception: the Spanish case

It is striking that people utterly run out of your most valuable asset as the home of each and also accumulate the debt once delivered this. Continuing the lifelong nightmare. They are condemned to have no payroll or buy more homes they will be seized. Many say that the worst is not eviction, but what comes after comparing the current legislative system with Roman law, since it, people were slaves to their debts.

These sectors seek to combat what they consider an unfair disparity, since citizens are losing and winning banks, has created the platform Affected by Mortgage (PAH). This entity is already working gathering signatures to change the current legislation and stop favoring the banks. Thanks to this movement and the 15-M and 65 evictions have been prevented, but do what they want is legal in a democratic and not getting in the door of people who will lose their home. Their motto is clear: “The people united will never be defeated.” And so it has been several times, but in others, has not had such good results.

It is not understood either, because although families only concentrate on 27% of the debt as opposed to construction companies with 73%, are the first who are paying the price.


To satisfy Article 47 of the Spanish Constitution, which recognizes housing as a fundamental right, the country must change, and many experts believe that the solution is in lieu of payment, which is it impossible to meet the payment , give your floor in exchange for the debt (U.S. example).Other ways to stop this tragedy is the expropriation of the banks to relocate families in their homes, renegotiation of loans, the enhancement of the rent and even the demolition of some homes to lower the price of housing and People can buy new ones.

Others opt for the declassification of land, that is, not everything is develop able as a power in his day the “Land Act 1998”. “Everything was develop able except the tops of the mountains” they say.
We have many role models, it only takes will, the aforementioned U.S. or the Netherlands, where if the houses are empty for years, the country, expropriates l.

Everything from being the last monkey in the film who bear the brunt of the political branches and banking. Yet we must not be negative, since due to the large number of homes that banks are already being forced to implement these measures. People will be increasingly more aware and this is already reflected in the polls, supporting partners to promote these solutions.

Call for a spark of hope and help different organizations involved in combating foreclosures, and that for every homeless person is thinking about how hundreds of others to return home, for every person who takes one house to another, there are platforms in mind as pressing for the creation of public parks and social rental and many more. Perhaps, as in the Coca Cola ad, Even if it costs there are still reasons to believe in a better world and change the medium to long term.