The exchange marked the breakthrough in trade relations resulting in the emergence of marketing and its approaches.

The self-sufficient societies meet needs from their work, as perfecting some activities that exceed generates consumption, while satisfying work has left other needs. Appear, then, populations with unmet needs but surplus production, eager to other products, form the basis for the exchange, which plays a key role in the exercise of marketing.

The exchange as a mechanism for meeting needs

As there is surplus production and needs to satisfy the conditions for the exchange to become the way in which dysfunction is corrected. So that exchange is incipient because the producers are small scale, unskilled, they are family-style crafts initiatives focused on the production, ie production responds to demand and the constraints of the craft.


Over time, the continuing development of the activities, their development and degree of specialization achieved by the producers, give rise to the emergence of intermediary bodies, which would extend the zone of action of the producers.

Intermediaries, market actors connective

Their task was to provide a bridge between producers and consumers, contributing to the expansion of industrial production to anticipate market requirements, driving a new division of labor that indicates levels of expertise. Along with other factors subsumed in the process of exchange and interaction, buying and selling, operating a sort of pressure that leads to the creation of centers of commerce.

This is facilitated by the relationships that feed the exchange, requiring continuity and closeness that is reflected in the geographical clustering of populations. Even today this dynamic is recorded, indicating that the developments marketing are, closely linked with those of society.

Urban centers and their relationship to the marketing

The Industrial Revolution growth increases urban .This process gives way to marketing, Referred to as modern, born in America. The phenomenon causes the decrease in rural population, the conversion of family workshop in the factory, the peasant migration to the centers of production, the emergence of a workforce that contributes to the transformation of the ways to produce.

In addition, plaintiffs causes a structure of relations founded on a new social and geographical space, the city. Done to accelerate the growth of enterprises, which found its expansion in the production process of goods and services required and exceeded daily by consumption.

Interests marketing influenced by society

Given the conditions, the marketing focuses on increasing production as a prerequisite for mass production, promotes goods and services to optimize the production level, exploiting the economics of production, while developing the manufacturing economy grew more complex.

Parallel to the phenomenology of emerging market and exchange specialists marketing, Are improved marketing channels, methods are devised for the sale of the production industrial, Which is why the administrations of marketing fundamental elements were formed.It is understood that is vital to know in depth the special needs of the consumer, it follows that communication, customer service and strategies are tools for organizations of any kind and size.

Define the business and satisfy customers need to buy

The companies, in many cases are not clear on what they sell, they ignore what users and customers seek goods and services, even if they know the products they offer.

Then, they must establish the reason of being and knowing the need of consumers that the product meets, for which it is essential to know the most common needs that meet the customers when they buy a product.
Because consumer demand are not always an obvious factor for the provider involves you unveil, which brings to the organization and competition line to bid what you want and want to buy.

The company and the marketing

If the business is determined based on the hidden needs that the customer intends to meet when you purchase a good or service, the next step is the analysis of the ability to meet market needs.

For this, the marketing is supported by various disciplines to watch in the first instance, requirements market, So that in later stage, prior studies and tests it occurs. As these disciplines the marketing also brings his own: for among the main stimuli for the acquisition of goods and services designated as the primary product, price, packaging, production and distribution.