There are no studies on the stress of the leader.The entrepreneur would it be immunized against the scourge of the twenty-first century, Not so sure in any case, the observatory will study their case.

Stress, bad twenty-first century , A plague that affects many employees sometimes leading them to commit the irreparable.Each new suicide puts the subject up.So that stress is the subject of attention from the government.But it is clear that no study or organization does not really lean on the case managers. There are a few surveys (see comments below) but nothing very detailed. however, a recent study initiated by the CGPME 77 and ARACT ( Burn-out hits 38% of managers ).


there are more statistics on the health of blue whales on the entrepreneur,a professor of the University.first Monitoring the health of the leaders of TPE / PME.Helped the employers’ movement of Young Business Leaders (CJD).we will launch a major investigation over three years. Each month, 200 volunteers from CJD and 300 members of company will be asked in interviews about twenty minutes.They will meet every eighteen questions and recurring theme in a new questionnaire Will be studied and the quality of sleep, food hygiene, stress, etc. to be correlated with the life of the business (cash flow problems, administrative, etc.)

It is hard to imagine that the leader may suffer at work because the entrepreneur has to carry the symbol of leadership, it must be a leader. That’s why his unhappiness remains a taboo subject, He said the stress of the entrepreneur is linked to four pathogenic factors:

– The issue of accumulated stress;

– Work overload (an entrepreneur working on average 65 hours per week against 38 hours for employees);

– Solitude;

– Uncertainty;

However, there are “salutogenic factors”:

– Control of his destiny;

– The “hardiness”, that is, the ability to rebound.

– Optimism;

Which tip the balance? This is the question that this study will address.It only remains to wait three years.