Investing in equities at Spanish companies Telefonica, Banco Santander, BBVA and Repsol, with remarkable presence abroad and in emerging regions.

Despite its current economic situation, Which makes it even feasible that both access to the rescue Greece and Ireland have received, many private companies in Spain, have exceptional investment options for this year.


Even before the crisis were mainly firms in the field of construction and real estate as well as banks and beneficiaries of the boom economic lived, which stood out in that regard. Today we are those covering sectors ranging from telecommunications to banking, to energy, the textile industry or commercial aviation.

How to invest in the stock market in 2011?

The main benchmark for the Spanish stock exchange the Ibex 35Lost more than 15% last year as a resurgence of public debt crisis rages with peripheral countries grouped in the acronym PIIGS.
The global macroeconomic environment, however, makes the investor interest is directed back to the equity, Especially in equities. Field in which many Hispanic businesses have much to offer, despite the still fragile situation of the economy.

Investment in shares of Spanish companies in the Stock

Banca March Specialists bet first by phone and then by banks like Santander or BBVA, due to its significant presence abroad, as well as Repsol YPF, given their exposure to emerging regions like Latin America or Asia Pacific, a privilege he shares with other foreign companies as Appel, Google Arcelor-Mittal, Bayer, Carrefour, Danone, Exxon Mobil, or Microsoft.

Telefonica in the sights of investors in 2011

European media companies, including Telefonica Portugal Telecom, Telecom Italy, have remained stable in 2010 and obtained an increase of 3%. Which, according to the web financial Saxo Bank is allowing them to quote now “At a rate that at all reflect their good fundamentals”But which nevertheless enables them to stand as one of the bets investors of the year.

Saxo Bank bets mainly by Telefonica, the largest Spain, as one of “The greatest generation of industry-wide box, allowing you to offer one of the highest salaries to shareholders. It features double-digit margins, above the average of its peers, is the most profitable company with a strong presence in emerging countries, and controls, unlike its competitors, key assets of the same “.

Investing in Banco Santander and BBVA, vent and threatening to do so

Although Santander and BBVA are the most important Spanish banks have excellent results largely motivated by their strong presence overseas, concentrating about 30% of the value of Ibex 35 should follow closely the evolution of their values ​​and, therefore, the whole Spanish main benchmark, being the same conditional on the expected evolution of real estate debt.

Repsol YPF and investments in securities of companies in Spain that grew in 2010

The commitment to Hispanic first oil based, among other things, its large reserves, in its sustained performance and its strong presence in emerging regions, where many experts recommend focusing investments this year.Finally, having been re-evaluate their price dramatically in 2010, also deserve special attention in this exercise the values ​​of the Galician textile company Inditex, Catalan investment group Criteria, or as merged Spanish flag carrier Iberia, which grew more than 35%, 30% and 67% respectively.