When it comes to tax savings, then most taxpayers are happy to pay with it, because why the hard-earned money unnecessarily the Treasury? Save on taxes has become a popular sport, as in many German households the money she has long been not so easily than to give away because it could. And that is saying: Who will have more money in their pockets, which should save you deal with the issue of taxes. In many areas there are very legitimate tax tips that can be applied correctly, provide a significant added in the budget. This saved the taxpayers’ money can be spent on other things, such as when a long-cherished dream had not been financially feasible otherwise.

What changes in the tax actually in 2012?

As every year, it is also in the 2012 tax return be some changes. Many areas have been restructured by the federal government, on the one hand for more money in the coffers empty to bring, to bring on the other, simplifications to the taxpayer. Looking at the current list of new features for 2012 but at a closer, but then quickly realize who is pulling the actual benefit from the changes. The entry into force of the tax simplification law has indeed simplified a lot, but does not provide any simplification that the taxpayers end up paying more money at their disposal. For example, workers may indeed look forward to a much higher advertising fee, but cuts the federal government while also encouraging for the commuters. Similarly, it is with the privately funded pensions. Here, the pension savers will now also a significantly higher tax bonus, the retirement age was raised, however, on the 67th Of age.


Also for families, the federal government has led by simplifying the tax law, a change in the way. Here, in 2012 by a simplification in their child benefits and the costs of care will benefit and in addition can then add the cost of the training to sell better. At the same time, however, the contribution limits for health and nursing care were raised. Whether the bottom line really is left, that is, if you can save taxes as real is individual. For some taxpayers, however, is probably a decrease in the calculated total.

Save on taxes with income tax and tax advisers association?

To save taxes, it is extremely important to always be informed about what is actually tax deductible. Ignorance is not here, because what was not specified in the tax return that can not ultimately settle. As experience has shown time and again, give away every year, countless taxpayers huge sums of money, because quite simply just do not have the appropriate skills. In this case it makes sense to turn to an income tax on any union that there is always a good choice when it comes to tax savings. The same goes for the local tax advisor. Again, this has always toward his clients on their rights and obligations, so that this visit may ultimately affect tax, that the taxpayer can save tax by.

Also save on taxes when buying food?

To save taxes, but need not only the income tax return will be taken to help. In daily life there are many ways that you can ensure that the tax burden falls. Who, for example, stopping smoking, the tobacco tax saves and can thus also save on taxes. Even those who often times use the bike instead of driving by car to work, can save taxes, namely the fuel tax. Of course, the food is subject to a tax, VAT. Whoever wants to save on taxes but who ultimately will be without food and here is yet more tax savings for most taxpayers too much.