The company Gulf will ensure its sixth flight a day from London Heathrow and Doha Airbus A319 with only one business class seats 40. Back to all major attempts last ten years of this model extremely difficult to monetize.

It was the turn of Qatar Airways to experiment aircraft 100% business class on long-haul flights. From 15 May, the company Gulf will indeed operate a daily flight between Doha and London Heathrow Airbus A319 equipped with a single business class, consisting of only 40 seats. British Airways is even better. A319 between London City Airport, close to the City, and New York has only 32 seats. A private air plane high-end, while the A319, designed for short and medium-haul (3,740 nautical miles) flights, has a capacity of 124 seats up to 156 passengers!

The enormous potential of London Business

Twelve years after the launch of this service by Lufthansa in cooperation with the Swiss company Privet air (she used A320 and Boeing 737), this service with ABJ single-aisle aircraft (Airbus business jet) or BBJ (Boeing Business Jet) is extremely rare . Indeed, with regard to costs at headquarters, such a service is its economic balance on lines with high potential business, whose customers are able to pay tickets at very high prices. This is the case in London, of course, the biggest business potential in Europe. As a reminder, British Airways operated until the shutdown of its operations in 2003, two flights daily Concorde! Elsewhere in Europe, the market is extremely limited. Many have also waived.


Evolution of seats in business class

Apart from the difficulties for some companies to find niche market with high potential business (if the market is too large, it is preferable to a jumbo, less expensive), these products have met the changing business seats to a convertible chair bed (which use more space in the cabin), which took place in the 2000s. Exclusive as they are, these had small capacity offered product business obsolete compared to that observed on the wide body with a classic configuration. Reduce the ability to install new seats is impossible, except on very large business markets as do British Airways and Qatar Airways from London.

End of the A340-500 100% business class Singapore Airlines

Finally, for the record, Singapore Airlines has just stop flying nearly 19 hours between Singapore and Los Angeles and New York in A340-500 one business class (100 seats). These flights are 100% business class to distinguish partnerships sign airlines with business aviation companies to deliver their premium private jet customers in destinations they do not serve. This is what will make Air France with Wijet.