There are many opportunities that allow companies to publish interesting information such as corporate and product news.

Can press portals and social media services are two important channels of communication to let the continuously interesting and relevant information and publish, held a direct dialogue with customers and prospects. About Press portals, companies can distribute their press releases widely on the Internet. The social media services, however, help companies that speak directly to audiences, to retain existing customers and attract new customers.

Press Portals: relevant information sent directly to the target group

In Germany alone there are over 150 press portals where press releases, company and product information can be released easily and quickly. Since not all potential customers find their way directly to the company website, press portals offer a great way to reach both media contacts as well as the target group directly and regularly to provide interesting and relevant information.


About the Press portals in the search engines

Who wants to be found on the Internet, must be present in the search engines. The publication of news archives supports the visibility in the search engines. In addition, most with private portals Press Press Archive, where they store corporate information permanently published. Therefore, the contents are too long to find in the search engines. A regular publication of the latest information on press portals is an important step to achieve a better visibility in search engines. In addition, the links generated in the press releases and contact information back links to your corporate website. Thus, the publication of relevant content supported on many different press portals as it were the company’s website ranking in search engines.

Social Media Services: Interesting and useful information on the Internet to share

Among the social media services include blogs, social networks, content sharing networks and social bookmark directories. The social media services are used primarily to obtain information, to network with other contacts, to disseminate information and share them with others. About social media services, companies can set up your own presence, where they can publish texts that do not meet the criteria to a press release. In this way they can for example provide regularly with specialized texts, news articles or product presentations and prospective customers with relevant content. Published content may include references also link to direct potential customers to learn more. Social networks also allow the sharing of fees with other users. This way can reach more people from outside their own social media presence with the published content.

Winning customers with social media services

Published technical papers and news articles on social media networks can lead readers through web links to their own corporate website. The widespread dissemination of articles on the social media services can help companies to increase the flow of visitors (traffic) the company’s website. Companies can make their company information via the social media services to the public and attract potential customers to their company website. It is also possible to enter into direct dialogue with interested parties. Customers and interested parties can submit comments on the function of many social media services, direct feedback on products, services, and service. Regular communication with fans and followers to support a positive corporate image and provide a stronger customer loyalty.

News portals and social media services together to support customer loyalty

Both press portals and social media services are doing their part to spread interesting and relevant content to the Internet and extensive reach to the target group directly. The good visibility of the content published on the news archives on the search engines can improve the findability of the content on the Internet. This increases the chance that potential customers can find relevant content in Google and co. Together with the social media services, companies can make their published information as well as their more popular products on the Internet to publish continuously new and useful content and communicate directly with potential customers and prospective customers. Short news items and web links to existing and prospective customers do their own corporate website or corporate blog. For example, existing customers can successfully bind to the company and attract new customers.

An extensive publication of press portals and social media services is the crucial factor for the presence and the ease of finding information on the Internet. So as to achieve press releases and Corporate and product information not only media relations but also customers and potential customers directly. News portals and social media services provide new communication channels for customer acquisition. Targeted recruitment of the press releases, product information, technical papers long, short news articles with links references in the press portals and social media services ensures that customers are supplied continuously with the latest information and find the way to further information. The simultaneous publication of many press portals and social media services support the visibility and reach relevant content on the Internet and helps to attract potential customers.