simplify the life of the consumer requires more services.the shopping centers and offer a free babysitting service, a groom to carry the packets during the sales, delivery of gifts at Christmas.the focus is on training to demonstrate how to properly use the products sold on the shelves.That’s why the store is there. We return to fundamentals.we also offers bars where the client is made ​​up of free beauty consultants.t is essential to put the human face to the customer, because it needs to be taken by the hand, especially in the multimedia. world of make-up,Indeed, what better than the advice of a vendor to make his choice? To make employees more visible presence in the store and encourage customers to contact them.the advice points such as uniforms are redrawn.The focus is also on training.Wes Rock took advantage of the redesign of its stores last year to propose a new training module around the brand and its products, particularly in response to questions from consumers about preservatives.


We believe that the outlets will become places extremely service oriented, insists Martin Piot. Guests come for the outlets everything they could have on Internet: the quality of the sales consultant touch the product .The real sensory marketing is the product experience, as to use the product, ultimately, the purpose of point of sale is to create an experience around the product. This is the only place where you can. Even with augmented reality, it is impossible to test a product on the web. The shops have taken the form of a workshop. For its outlets, he has introduced a new concept last year, which highlights the brand values,including the naturalness of its products. As for Cartier, it broadcasts in its stores a signature sound, created by agency The Sixth from its values ​​and its sources of inspiration. We want, with eyes closed, customers know where they are. “In parallel with the human sensory experiences, new technologies are on the rise in retail outlets. Displays dynamic information, augmented reality, RFID, QR code, screens tactiles.Toutes these technologies will invade the store. The retail space will become spaces of expression, media full,He has established for the Fnac showcase that reacts with light and sound effects when people pass or the key.