Motor vehicle taxes paid, everyone who owns a car or a motorcycle. How high are these taxes depends on several factors. Everything can about the topic you read about car taxes on this page to be informed before the purchase of a taxable vehicle perfectly.

Who will pay car tax?

The car tax is payable for each vehicle owner a taxable vehicle. It does not matter whether the vehicle is to be used for private or commercial. Only new cars are generally exempt for two years by the motor vehicle taxes.

Where are logged car taxes and when are they due?

Motor vehicle taxes must be logged independently. With registration at the registration office is that the necessary data to the competent tax office forward. This is calculated from the data are due to motor vehicle taxes and vehicle owners a few weeks later receives a notice of assessment by the tax calculation is listed in detail. Vehicle taxes are regularly once a year overdue and need to be paid until three months after registering the vehicle to the tax office in about one. This is done using a debit, which will also be signed directly to the Admissions Office must. Depending on the number of registered vehicles, the tax authority can, in some cases to a splitting of the amounts due, not so that all payments in the same month must be paid.


How to calculate motor vehicle taxes?

With old cars car taxes are calculated on the one after the other according to the cube and the pollutant emission group. The emission group is read in the steering wheel or car registration. On newer vehicles is a different calculation of road tax, which is consistent with the level of pollutant emissions in conjunction. It is therefore advisable to buy a possible low-emission vehicle. In the case of classic cars for the road tax is the way a lump sum, which is payable once per year.

Vehicle taxes are deductible at the tax office?

Vehicle taxes are partially deductible. Employees can make a refund to the tax years wage compensation claims. However, this applies only if the vehicle is used at least for the working ways. Even freelancers can deduct a portion of the taxes with the income tax return. This is particularly the case when the vehicle is used for professional reasons. If you decide to purchase a vehicle, must therefore always consider the tax. The larger and richer polluting a vehicle is, the higher of the corresponding taxes. Other tax calculations are for particular groups of vehicles, such as agricultural vehicles and the like. Also, specific professional groups are less of them in the calculation of taxes due.