The key to being comfortable in a job is in the immediate context and everyday. Good weather with peers is the foundation.

In the words of Confucius, “Choose a job you like and not have to work a day in your whole life”. It would be great if everyone could access and play the role of labor with which he dreamed since childhood, but unfortunately, the reality of the diverse circumstances of life, leading to a large number of people not succeed. However, there are little tricks without any financial cost to convert a boring day in a pleasant day, motivating, full of new challenges and entertainment.


Home of the good working environment

That all workers get along, is one of the foundations of business success. Log in with a smile to work is the first step to generate a continuous loop being. The feeling of a friendly atmosphere is a mere perception that is conditional on the behavior of peers, and as self interpret. Having a positive attitude and upbeat instead of depressing cutting ruminating thoughts, should be our first goal of the day. Whatever work we have to play, it will be experienced as one wishes. Why not try to see “la vie en rose”? Think and visualize one’s attitude shown on Friday, can help.

Work and play

Achieving a favorable environment is usually easy as long as the workers perceive that they are well treated by all peers and superiors. The absence of mobbing and the existence of well defined patterns of mutual respect are essential. Once this is accomplished we can begin to establish some rules that turn chores into a game. Contests in which rewards with a day off to the best sellers, paper baskets of basketball in the clean up days to celebrate with a desk or chair a new career contract with a large company, may be actions that bring a lot more entertainment their days. The greater the repertoire of leisure, but boring is the day.


Everyone likes to know that their work is well done. The recognition of a superior or a colleague at the right time, often work very well on an emotional level and above all as a reinforcement of behavior rewarded. Brighten the day of another person not only feels good to the cause of action but to change the mood of the other, undoubtedly influence the environment that surrounds them.

Proper communication

Feeling heard is one of the most demanded by the workers. Lack of time, the rush, the doors closed or secretaries that intermediate to give a superior appointment are common obstacles that hinder the smooth flow of communication. Some companies have an open day where employees can make suggestions, complaints and ideas for project managers, being so much more motivated by the feeling of contributing something more than work for the company. It is advisable that there is the perception of the presence of a Bidirectional communication Of feedback and general information on objectives, results and future policy or strategy of the company. This will eliminate possible root rumors that sometimes, it creates the fruit of disinformation workers about an issue that affects them directly.

Importance of work

In addition to receiving recognition for things well done, man needs to know that there is one more step that can be accessed because it is in the process itself, where lies our evolution as a species. Promotion opportunities offered in addition to having a goal, get a great satisfaction to see that progress in the right direction. Assign responsibilities to employees, usually facilitates this process by providing greater autonomy to employees, and encourage them to use their creativity, feeling this way, absolute responsibility for their decisions.

Being the

Many large companies recognized name, they make their employees involved with the firm that represented by the personal benefits that entails. The feeling brand can be achieved through the celebration of the successes of the company, with significant discounts to affiliates or giving workers a variety of products manufactured in-house. Make them share in the benefits immediately provide them some empathy with the positions, in addition to obviarles the need for a clear focus on clearly defined objectives. Moreover, the fact of them regular users of the product, not only increase the feeling of familiarity with the brand, but can provide new ideas for improvement from the standpoint of the consumer.