Unfortunately, it is a bitter reality: in Italy the loans are among the most expensive in Europe. The figures, published by the latest findings of the ECB and the Bank of Italy, speak for themselves. For a fixed rate mortgage for 20 years, here in Italy you spend the reimbursement 15,611 euro more than the rest of Europe. The situation is less rosy, changes dramatically if the fixed rate mortgage has been contracted for 30 years : in this case the gap with the rest of Europe is, on average, no less than 25,882 euro .

Mind-boggling, lower only when it comes to adjustable rate mortgages , but even in this case, the gap with European cousins ​​there and it makes you feel. While it is impossible to establish with certainty everything, but wanting to imagine a variable rate mortgage that remains constant throughout the period of repayment (of 20 years), the distance to other European countries leads to a more 6734 euro arriving to 11,092 in case of mutual thirty years.


Calculations In short, it makes the situation more complicated and requires some reflection that urges us on the right track at least to understand the dynamics of this problem. Always the mortgage loans from our own, especially those at a fixed rate, were known for their extremely low value. Here in Italy, in fact, there are good procedures in the event of default of the borrower and this creates an alarming rise in prices. In addition, with respect to fixed-rate mortgages, the rest of Europe has been able to create debt products ideal to reduce the rate, something that is not here. Another area in which to open a discussion about the subrogation of mortgage that since it is possible without penalty to the client, may expose the bank to a serious risk of loss of capital, which affects the final price quite a bit.

All this without forgetting, however, the economic crisis that is flailing about a year not only Italy but the whole of Europe and in this sense, to give a further problem for those who want a loan, there is the Spread the which average increase in recent months has been in Italy amounted to 171 cents against 70 European countries. A blow not just for all economic sectors.