From the hand of speculation is a worrying increase of mobbing, mainly elderly tenants and rents old.

The high market growth and low economic attractiveness of these homes has resulted in the call: sale of flats “With bug”Or “With worm”Degrading names under which is identified in the jargon of the business to tenant. The buyer at the best, will be a wait for a greedy entity profitability in the medium or long term and, at worst, the applicant will be a speculator buying well-equipped to exercise mobbing real estate.In these times, who has a home has a treasure. Therefore, it is not surprising that those who enjoy the privilege of home ownership, try to take full advantage, even at the cost of hurting others.


What is mobbing Real Estate?

In the real estate world can be defined as anti-social practices based on harassment and abuse to force someone to leave home, whether it is owned or rented.

There are different tricks, from inducing entry “Squatters” in the building or disturbing neighbors, landlord’s refusal to charge the income, Through lack of hygiene and maintenance of the dwelling or building with cuts in basic supplies of water and light.The aim is to evict the tenant under a false appearance of legality, he convinced to leave the home or exhaust your patience with practices that are actually fraud and crime.

Those affected by mobbing and the law

There are two common methods used by the owners where the boundary between the legal and crime is very widespread: it is leaving the building to generate the declaration of ruin and failure to collect the rent. But these first two methods are added the cases of threats, coercion, burglary, damage, libel or slander, all as defined in the Penal Code.

Crimes against the person involving a heightened content of humiliation for the victim (mobbing, harassment, sexual harassment, bullying) Are regulated in arts. 173 to 177 Penal Code.Grouped together to torture and other ill-treatment by officials, a figure unprecedented in our system: the degrading treatment of serious crime against the person.

Ten Tips to the mobbing real-estate

1. The first council is essential not to sign anything without legal advice.
2. Locate and read the lease. Make sure how it affected the “Law Boyer” and Urban Lease Act 29/94. If you do not know how to interpret the contract, you can go to the Association of Consumers and Users (although they may require to be partners to address the queries).
3. Gather all the documentation that has been crossed with the property or the property administrator. No need to pull any notifications, including those used to hang on the portal as advertisements.
4. It is always necessary to require receipt of payment of rent. If you do not accept this payment by the usual means, it must send the landlord a money order or income record in court. This requires no arrears of rent since you can use to try an eviction.
5. Take pictures of any element of the building has deteriorated from lack of maintenance or explicitly.
6. Not admit any verbal information from the property or property administrator. We must demand it in writing.
7. Search witnesses. The neighborhood residents and businesses can help. It is convenient up to record what happens and to sign as witnesses.
8. If it is found starting work and have not been reported (either in the public spaces in homes or evicted) must go to the City in order to check that they have the appropriate permission.
9. It is advisable to resort to neighborhood associations and see if there are similar cases in the same area or by the same promoter, to organize a collective movement. The fact is publicly denounce the situation in letters to newspapers or banners on balconies for example.
10. Faced with threats, insults, changing locks, etc.. must go to the police and a lawyer in order to lodge a complaint.

Other rights of the tenant to the landlord harassment

1. If there is suspicion of selling floor is necessary to consult the Property Registry ownership of the property. If the owner has changed without notification to the lessee transmission, you can still exercise, if you want, the right to pre-emption.
2. If the owner does not perform the necessary maintenance work is essential to require performance by registered fax your certificate. You can find advice on tenants’ associations and consumers. In some public services are autonomous legal advice, both owners and tenants. It is important to request an inspection at the City Council planning services related to problems of slums or blight relevant. The authority may in such cases, imposing the completion of works to the owner.
3. If there is an urgent problem (structural noise, possible landslides on the road) is necessary to make a call to the fire, it shall inform the council for possible administrative sanction.
4. If there are minor problems, changing locks on the access door, accumulation of waste, You must notify the local police and record the complaint. That the complaint was well documented.

Descriptive definition of mobbing

It is very descriptive definition of “mobbing” The law of Housing Rights in Catalonia: “Discriminatory conduct of urgency with abuse of law that aims to disrupt the person being harassed in the peaceful use of your home creating a hostile environment, whether in a material or social or personal, with the ultimate aim of forcing the a decision on unwanted his rights in the occupation of housing. ”