These new jobs have earned a gold star. To see the new skyscraper at Alexanderplatz: Mercedes with big plans for his own bank

In this new, high-rise at 21 storey “Alex”, as the Berlin Alexanderplatz popularly called, deserve a gold star jobs. It is not only the modern age, the clarity of the light all this is fascinating. More than that, but it’s unusualness, which are second to none: So there are for the 500 employees of this company, which resides here in 14 stories, on each floor, a cozy lounge with armchair edges and coffee, so there is a special mother-child office available with PC workstation and a nice colorful toys and a playpen here in an emergency staff can bring even a child. In a nearby day care center, the company also has reserved seats. “If I had not even ever,” smiles the investor and the owner of this skyscraper, Manfred Hermann, “I would like to work here.” The 500 employees their number is expected to increase by 2015 to 200 are employed not only in first class, star-oriented jobs, they work under and for the most famous star of all: This is just the Mercedes-Benz Bank opens its Berlin-based service center.


Berlin is the largest site

The new skyscraper is at the corner of Minor Street / Otto-Braun-Strasse, he is 80 feet tall and cost, it is apparent from the Internet, 24.5 million euros. Here is the Mercedes-Benz Bank for ten years, initially rented. She is a million customers with one of the leading banks in Germany and supported with auto financial services such as leasing, financing, and insurance of Daimler-vehicle sales. The company is also “direct banking” customers have created with their more than 11 billion €. Franz Reiner, CEO of Mercedes-Benz Bank AG fund “Today we lease or more than every other car from Daimler in Germany, and increasingly, insurance and services are integrated into the monthly rate of around 1.2 million customers use our.. wide range of financial services around the automobile and our investment products. ” In the past three locations Saarbrucken and Stuttgart before, now also in Berlin 1 500 employees are working. Where is Berlin in 2015 with 700 employees at its greatest.

Reserve Chairman Reiner speaks in this context of the “Europeanization of Berlin”, which his company has made: From Berlin to from “European duties” are perceived as is the management of the Madrid office nor moved to Berlin this year. “The Multikulturaliat” of the city urge yes on this, “there are highly qualified, especially younger employees who have exceeded our expectations, even”

King City Carree – Prussian History

The high-rise on the “Alex” called the King-edge city Carree. The name King City has with the arrival of the first Prussian king to do after his coronation in Konigsberg 1701 Frederick I: For he was drafted as a crowned head of the then king ‘of the medieval city walls in his nearby residence. But only since 1873, this historic district of Berlin was officially called King City, King and King suburban district known by the heavy damage during World War II, the historical contours of this district are north of Alexanderplatz “verschutt` “in the truest sense of the word gone. Many decades, the name disappeared from the royal city of everyday language, under the communist East German regime frowned upon. With the completion of the new tower of the historic name was revived. The former royal city district is in today’s districts of Mitte, Prenzlauer Berg and Friedrichshain risen.

On “King City” in depth, Franz Reiner recalled Wilhelm II, who saw the first cars on the streets of Berlin a “temporary phenomenon”, but very soon three self-possessed all bearing the Mercedes star. Reiner: “King has a good reputation with us and because we see in each of our customers a king.” This also testifies to this: Berlin provides the longest service hours of the Mercedes-ever bank on 68 hours a week for customers and dealers, weekdays 8-22 clock, clock Saturdays 8-16.

Mercedes-tower with blue lights

The King City Carree is located on the minor street in Friedrichshain, but just across the road running alongside the train tracks begin district center with Alexanderplatz and TV Tower, which at 365 meters the highest building of the Federal Republic. By the middle of the 19th Century, the Alexanderplatz used by the military parade and a parade ground of traders and farmers as a trading place for cattle. It is named after the place of King Friedrich Wilhelm II, who on the occasion of the visit of Tsar Alexander renamed the end of 1805 so. Today, the Alexander Square with its regional station, the largest underground station with three lines and numerous bus lines and tram one of the busiest and most visited places in the capital. The new Mercedes-Bank Tower, marked at night by countless blue lights running vertically, is on the edge of the square, a new striking landmark of the city.

8000 in Berlin to work for Daimler

In addition to the Mercedes-bank at Alexanderplatz, Daimler keeps additional locations in or near Berlin. In the district of Marienfelde about one engine and components plant in Ludwigsfelde the body and assembly plant for trucks, the salt shore, the Berlin branch, which is also a well known and exclusive social center of the capital, after all there is (still) at the Potsdamer Platz the Mercedes Benz Sales in Germany, for the results at the O2 World, a new building near the East Railway Station. In Greater Berlin, Daimler employs more than 8000 employees.