Interview with Romina Ms. Avila, Marketing Specialist focused on mothers, new target in Argentina and vital for economic development.

Romina Avila is an analyst and researcher on the behavior and purchasing habits of Argentine mothers within the internal and external contexts in which it develops. It also produces and hosts the first Spanish-language radio program on “Marketing of Gender, How do you think, decide and buy Women Want.” His work does not stop and is also creator of the Mothers’ Club Directory Bloggers.

Why oriented marketing to mothers? A need or an opportunity?

Two. Marketing today is shifting to implement actions targeting. The role of women in society changed, partly because of the massive incorporation of women in the workplace and with their buying power. For this reason, became the target for brands. Both those that had the target as not, but these women choose.Among the life stages of a woman, motherhood is a turning point. Women are not the same as before having children. It is a moment in life that has a personality change. Thus, behavior and buying habits also changed . Incorporating the needs of a child makes your reality is not the same as the woman with no children and so is to shop.


How is ranked Argentina in this study?

The purchasing power of women globally is 80%. In Argentina, according to my research shows 70%. Mothers two points. The difference between women with or without children corresponds to which decisions are shared with the couple. Mothers in Argentina are about 50% of the female population. The woman makes the buying decision. Is there a difference between making (or consumption) of women living in Capital (or cities) and those residing in other provinces such as Chaco, Tucuman and Skip?

My studies do not reflect the behavior between cities, but if I can confirm that in general, mothers prioritize quality before other variables. It is clear that socioeconomic conditions also, but often do not get a second chance to buy the same product on a budget. Therefore, the brand becomes a big factor decider. When you try to shop for children, the price (depending on the case), is in the background.

In your notes (the Blog) is a very interesting: Sustainable consumption, the role of women. Please can you tell me about it.

This point is related to the role of women in consumption and how valuable your behavior of such products for a changing global trend. Mothers also have a role to nurture their children and try to give them a better future. It is also the education that these future generations get from their families and schools. Sustainable consumption has a large participation of children, they also create a greater awareness in learning and education centers that replicate at home. On your latest creation: The Mothers’ Club Bloggers , what is its purpose and share experiences among mothers?

The main objective corresponds to emphasize the social value of mothers it concentrates blogs where mothers are the protagonists. Besides, I want to become a benchmark for entrepreneurial mother to push their projects. From a marketing perspective is invaluable, because in the blogs, most mothers write about what happens to them, their interests, and so on. That is, it becomes a great source of information for establishing lifestyles and behavior from the brands. The program on the radio , fun, current and solidarity, in addition to helping entrepreneurs, what are its aims?

In addition to accompany entrepreneurs in developing their marketing strategies, wants to move a topic of little development in Argentina. Gender Marketing powers like USA and Canada has nearly 20 years of development. Spain has great progress and Latin America, Colombia and Chile are the fastest growing countries. Argentina is advancing, but slowly. There must be a cultural change that accompanies other changes (social, work, etc).

To undertake and succeed is always the goal. What are the key female (or from your personal experience)?

The women are passionate , that is, emotions are central to our lives. This passion moved to wherever we operate and what we do. When we are motivated to give our lives to get to meet the goals we set. Likewise, when there comes the thought, the frustration often play us a trick (by emotions!). Success will depend on how prepared we are to anticipate the risks, use perceptions (also more developed in women), and get together with people who are our plugin and if they know more the better.