Mark Zuckerberg hopes to increase by billions of dollars its assets with the expected IPO social network created in February 2004.

The economic crisis has not stopped for several technology companies are the protagonists in recent years technological innovation paths significantly influence many human activities, are both defining the future of human relations and business. Exemplify what the email or SMS that arise after the arrival of the Internet, Apple iPod, the social networks or the latest digital smartphones mainly the signing of the block and Samsung.

The leading social network and its short but successful business career

Facebook Inc., founded in February 2004 by the twentysomething Mark Zuckerberg , is within the past the most successful, both by number of users that are close to a billion, for being one of the most visited websites in the world, to grow in value in recent years and start attracting investors worldwide technology. And in 2011 received an unusual interest in investing in Facebook , specifically of his securities held by Goldman Sachs and Russian Digital Sky Technologies amounting to 1,000 million dollars waiting to be able to make it more freely, which now is imminent to be scheduled for this May-awaited IPO.


Between $ 28 and $ 35 worth of Facebook shares

The leading social networks will be worth between 60,000 and 75,000 million, including about 100,000 million shares outstanding considering the issue, will capture some 13,600 million dollars to sell 337.4 million shares, 30, 2 million owned by its founder and CEO, expandable to 388 million shares or securities. At the start of trading on the Nasdaq (the largest electronic stock market in the U.S.) in about two weeks, maybe on Friday 18 May, after the road show in New York, Boston and San Francisco, the acceptance of investors and, above all, having passed the preliminary examination of the U.S. securities regulator: the SEC.

The largest IPO values ​​firm Internet

Facebook , star and most public offering (IPO) of an Internet company, and will overcome the recovery of 24,000 million dollars was Google when did the same in 2004. Although not the flotation of other U.S. firms such as Visa Inc. in 2008 raised 19,700 million, or General Motors Co. that caught 18,100 million in 2010.

The operators of the Facebook IPO

The offer operates Morgan Stanley, JP Morgan Chase & Co. and Goldman Sachs Group Inc.