The importance of the industry is undeniable and understand what are the most important industrial areas in the world can be useful to understand it.

The study of the industrial areas of the world shows a strong polarization of the industry in specific areas, hence it can be said that the industry is a major factor to explain development and underdevelopment of the countries, precisely because of its importance in the modern economy. Among the world’s most industrialized areas, include those located in the so-called G8 countries, consisting of industrialized countries greater economic, political and military worldwide, which include Germany, Canada, United States, France, Italy , Japan, UK and Russia.


The industrial areas of Western Europe

The long history of industrialization in this area determines the existence of three concentric industrial areas:

The so-called industrial heartland: Located around an imaginary axis running from the Rhine to Britain, which are the areas where the greatest concentration of population and industrial activity.
The industrial belt known as: Move around the space above, in areas such as the Cantabrian coast, Catalonia and Northern Italy.
The industrial periphery: is an area with lower levels of industrialization, although still associated with major cities such as Madrid, Athens and Dublin.

Russian industrial areas

Despite the complex process of restructuring that has seen Russia since the fall of the Soviet Union, we can consider the existence of two major industrial regions:

Moscow: Around the city lie the light industries and consumer goods.
The region of the Urals and Siberia enclaves: In these areas, production is associated with the presence of raw materials, and is related to heavy industry.

U.S. industrial areas

The great industrial development of the United States since the mid-nineteenth century has given the presence of the following industrial areas:

The so-called industrial belt or belt industry: It is situated in the northwest quadrant of the country from the region of the Great Lakes to the Atlantic coast. In this area there are all kinds of industries and also one of the largest concentrations of population on the planet.
The sun belt : This area is located in the southeast quadrant of the country, and is the region in which a powerful petrochemical industry located in port areas, which in turn has attracted the electronics industry and construction, aerospace, without forgetting the traditional textile industry linked to cotton production.
The West Coast: This region is polarized industry around California, area specializing in leading industries, and the states of Washington and Oregon, specializing in the aviation industry.

Japanese Industrial Areas

The shortage of raw materials and energy sources suffering Japan has seen the concentration of industrial and urban areas in the small coastal plains of the Pacific coast. Therefore, the Japanese industry is mainly located in three regions from north to south, are Tokyo-Yokohama-Kawasaki, Osaka-Kobe and Nagoya.

Industrial areas underdeveloped and emerging countries

The rest of the world presents indices of industrial development greatly reduced, so that secondary activities are in very isolated nuclei, determined by access to natural resources and a heavy dependence on the developed areas, because the multinationals that are located in these areas are from the First World multinationals. The most important places are located in enclaves of, say, Mexico, the Persian Gulf, and emerging countries like Brazil or so-called Asian Tigers.


From what can be said to conclude that one can know what are the areas most established industries, taking into account that this implementation will always be determined by a number of factors of location clear.