The globalized world requires that companies be more productive, so you have to generate strategies to achieve this goal.The first point to improve productivity is to change the attitude in relation to this work should not be performed only by obligation, but must be performed with gusto and passion. It is important to study and engage in something that enriches and always allowed to do so with interest, this benefits both the worker and the company . Managers have to constantly motivate your staff through recognition of their achievements at work.


Not only must we work hard to achieve success, above all to work intelligently, ie, set realistic goals and objectives, which must be met. It is important to list the achievements to measure results and serve as motivation to keep going.

Planning to increase productivity

Generally in a company there are several roles: managerial, administrative, production and sales. The first two organizations, the products by making the product or service, but the money directly generated by the sales area. To increase productivity, you have to work creating an interlocking system between all areas, so it is important also to the training of all cadres of the company and not just those in the production area. The secret to increasing sales is to link the product or service correctly with the right consumer, this is who you need and can afford it.

Planning helps to make decisions, take risks in an informed and responsible motivate intelligent action, increases competitiveness. Writing a business plan has demonstrated increased business productivity, because it helps to systematize the process of operation.

Information is power for businesses

The acquisition of learning techniques can process more information in less time, as well as helps to systematize the information gathered and turn it into knowledge. Speed ​​reading is recommended, the use of mind maps, conceptual, summary tables, and so on. Intellectual activity requires time alone to concentrate on now is vital that cell phone off, internet, social networks or some other distraction.

It is important to simplify the activities for which it is recommended to clean, recycle, give away or sell, which is not needed. Leave energy circular open space for new things arrive. The order is vital to increase productivity as it enables to find information quickly, so it is advisable to create a system heuristic, On computers using folders and files arranged thematically connected by links and indexes. The digitization of the documentation is very useful to back up data, helps reduce search times and eliminates paperwork that take up space, it is recommended to convert files because it can open in most computers and does not allow modification . It is suggested to score on a board to conduct activities in the day.

Technology to use the time

The technology help you be more productive, eg computer programs facilitate many tasks such as complex calculations, payroll management, image management, data processing, etc.. Tapping the phone as more and more functions are useful, for example, can take pictures of cards to save time in scoring, or you can record ideas that come to mind. Employers need to invest in technology if they maintain their current business and approaching scientists to facilitate innovation of products and services.

Proper management of time is key to increasing productivity is important to utilize schedules and agendas, both digital and paper. It is essential to rank the day’s activities, know how to prioritize. Do not forget you have to be respectful of others’ time, so it is essential to be punctual. Proper placement offices and helps reduce equipment downtime. You can organize social networks or reviewing records during timeouts, etc.. The fun and relaxation times must be met to perform on the job.Productivity must take further tangible and intangible products with better quality, faster time to increase competitiveness and achieve better profits for the company.