Every year in many Italian citizens, it’s up to present the statement of income within the limits set by the law, pointing out the things that you own and the various incomes, more and more slender and made ​​insufficient by the crisis. It’s worth while, or gather information, consult experienced professionals we are able to advise and we know how to say especially if we are entitled to deductions or other incentives that can lighten the weight of the state on families . In our case, we are talking about tax refunds and how to apply for this benefit state representative . The request may be made ​​only if the taxpayer has paid a sum greater than those due. Now we will see how.

Reimbursement of office; submitting your UNICO (via Caf, accountant or consultant working time), filling in the framework RX reserved for repayments and thereby making the request. The alternative may be to allocate the credit amount to the next year, or subtract other taxes payable (compensation). If you present the model 730 (employees, retirees) will return directly through payroll or payslip.


Redemption at the option. In all other cases, must be placed in an instance of plain paper but well-documented, to territorial offices of the Inland Revenue. The time-limits are 48 months to make the request for refund of withholding taxes and direct payments and 36 months for stamp duty or land (indirect taxes).

Except for models 730, the receipt of the amount due, is via the post office (for amounts less than € 1,000), or by money order or credit to the account. For this reason, it is useful to release their bank or post office by filling out the form available on the website of the Tax Section – Deepening How to submit a request for reimbursement to the Inland Revenue. Useful to point out that if you do not own a traditional account because it was too expensive, those are also accepted online , most comfortable and cheap.

For the unemployed, get news from the recent Decree of Making that of 2012 stipulates that workers who have lost their jobs, they can submit the 730 ordinary by 30 September, repayment due in fast times. The mode of presentation is the same for workers, but in this case, will be the same Revenue Agency to disburse the funds. Instead of the 5-year period before the refund is expected by autumn 2014.