One of the most important and difficult tasks of a manager is to evaluate and determine plans for implementation of the company. This work often requires the expertise of in-house experts in the field and external consultants as well as in small businesses may require a considerable amount of time and resources. However, it may be a determinant of success. Here’s how you evaluate a business strategy .

Analyze the type of activities it carries out the competition. Describe its characteristics in terms of maturity, growth rates and fragmentation (checks if there are only a couple of personalities or many small competitors). Lists the name of each competitor, what is its role in the program, the brand that inspires and the target boot. Evaluates the capabilities and current points of the business and of its founders. Perform a SWOT analysis, which analyzes both the strengths, those weaknesses, opportunities and threats of the organization. Give priority to the list of the company’s strengths, which put in descending order and continues with the description of his weaknesses, which instead will order in ascending order.


Currency then the current strategic approach in place and if it is used effectively. If the company has positioned itself as a leader in low cost, check that actually achieved that goal. Some companies might not yet have a strategy well defined: in this case, determines the role it has played in the industry and what is distinguishing financially than its competitors. These surveys should be repeated every year, in order to take stock of the situation and make any necessary changes in good time.

Perform an analysis of the gap between the skills and opportunities within the market Make a list for each transaction and pinning operation that has not been fully completed, such as the names of customers who have not made ​​the payments, the approaches operating that have not yet been tested or a lack of competition in one of the traditional roles. So obtains from this list the points of strength of the business and those of greatest weakness If the enterprise stood in last place, nor has achieved its objectives, it can groped to strengthen deficient areas and focus on an innovative implementation plan.