Do you want to start a company with a single euro of capital ? Now you can! The condition is one and in age. You must in fact be less than thirty-five and you’re done. You can do everything on its own or get in society . Members must, however, be natural persons and legal entities. All this is the result of the decree on liberalization of the Monti government. It ‘initiative is ideal if you have lots of ideas , imagination, but little money . In this case, try it costs very little.

How do you do ? Just choose a notary to hurry up the various practices. You do not have to pay the costs of setting up and even the notary, secretarial and stamp duty. You just have to pay the stamp duty amounting to € 168.00 , the Chambers of Commerce fees amounting to approximately EUR 200 and tributes to the opening of the VAT number. You will need to subscribe, before a notary, a public memorandum, which is divided into ten points, showing the name of the new type of society SRLS ( simplified limited company ), the activity of the same, the personal data of members, the requirements of the company and the starting capital, as we have said, may be a single euro to a maximum of € 9,999.99 . Of course there are rules to follow. For example, the administrator can not be external to the company and you may not assign shares to shareholders who have more than thirty years.


You might wonder what happens if, after a while ‘time, someone celebrates her birthday overcoming the fateful roof. At this point you have two options to choose from. You can transform society in a normal Srl while losing their cherished facilities, or turn it into a Slcr, that is a public company limited. After the decree in fact, the government has extended the possibility of some relief to people with more than thirty years of age. In this case, the share capital will remain unchanged , but you will have to pay legal fees.

Difficulty of the decree ? While on the one hand, it becomes easier to start a business with a capital so low, the other becomes rather complicated to be credible in front of the banks when you try to request a loan. Also because the capital is to be paid in the bank, but managed directly by the shareholders. is to be hoped the measures that the government has promised to take the request of Abi loans facilitated type for this kind of new companies. Despite the crisis, is actually the desire to try.