Start your own business today is the dream of many young people looking for their own professional fulfillment. There are many creative or entrepreneurs in our country decided to experiment with the creation of a particular product or opening a business. In both cases, you need to register your trademark , or the sign that distinguishes a product or a service from a ‘ company from others and that puts the owner free from any plagiarism. But how can you register a trademark? Many people are those who pose this question, so we will try to explain the basic steps to succeed in this task.

To register a trade mark must first uproarious the form C , which is the appropriate form which is easily downloaded from the website of the Italian Patent and Trademark Office. The above form must be completed in triplicate and must then be filed with the Chamber of Commerce. If you experience difficulty in applying personally, then you can send through a registered letter (return receipt requested) at the Italian Patent and Trademark Office at the following address: Division XIII-Via Moise 19, 00187 Rome.


The module will need to attach a wide documentation that includes: four paper labels bearing the mark (depending on how the brand itself in color or black and white), the receipt of the payment payable to the Revenue Operations Center Cascara for Enterprise Mark. This payment has to be made ​​on the C / C Postal no. 82618000 and amounted to the sum of 101 euro for a single class of registration of products or services. For each class in more should be added to this amount, EUR 34. In addition, you must attach proof of payment of administrative fees to the Chamber of Trade where you make the deposit. At this point, all that remains is the question being examined dallier. If everything will spin in the right direction the brand will be recorded and will be made ​​a specific registration certificate. It is valid for ten years and can be renewed indefinitely.