In this guide we will see how to pay your taxes with Form F24, proceeding directly via the Internet. An essential requirement is to possess a checking account in a bank that has an agreement with the Internal Revenue Service or with the Italian Post Office .

When you open the F24 form you will notice that it is divided into different sections to fill out. Fields relating to the payments of VAT and Irpef found in “Revenue” in “Regions” you should indicate the taxes and additional regional, while in “IMU and other local taxes” will restore the payment of municipal taxes. The compilation mode is the same for all sections. Begin to write down the number associated with the fee to be paid in the “Code tribute.” The reference year will indicate in the “Reference Period”. If you prefer to make payments in a lump sum, you have to write the code 0101 in the “rescheduling / Region / prov.” present in “tax authorities”. When given the amounts to be paid, remember to always quote the first two decimal places, even if they correspond to 0 (for example, if you have to pay 80 Euro, the correct way of writing is 80.00).


To make the payment online, you must register to the Official Website of the Revenue and ask for login credentials. Enter your username and password, and entering the dashboard, you can pay the amount due by the service of Home Banking , which will ensure the transition safely and provide you with a download form F24. If you are not in possession of VAT , it is not possible to use the mode telematics . In this case, you need to go at an Italian Post Office or bank reference.

Pay attention to deadlines, to avoid resorting to sanctions moratorium. The down payment and the first installment Irpef must be paid by June 16. If you were to forget, you can postpone to July 16, but with an increase of 0.40 %. The payment is made ​​in a lump sum no later than 30 November. In case the amount is equal to or greater than 257.52 Euros, you can split the payment in two installments, to be paid also by 30 November. For any questions, please contact the Internal Revenue Service in your area.