Th agitated modern life and time more and more scarce, are excellent conditions for deciding to provide a laundry service, which occur as couples who work all day, as people who live alone; passing tourists as families upper-class used to delegate chores, students, military service or who can not afford a washing machine. If you are planning to try your hand in their own business, learn how to open and run the laundry .

Before installing your laundry room, fully identifies your competitors and the market potential : to increase the certainty of the outcome it is essential to know the skills and characteristics that differentiate or services, but also potential clients, as defined by psychographic characteristics of population. Keep in mind that the best customers for a laundry room are singles, students, executives, foreigners and people who do not have a washing machine. A segment of the attractive market for an activity such as this are popular hotels, restaurants, event planners, churches, schools, hospitals, nursing homes, sports centers : added to potential customers, these areas greatly increase the chances of success.


The motivation and the vision of the store is crucial. Describe on paper what would you make with this activity and answer the question “How do you see yourself in five years?”. Define clearly the store name, type (individual or company; laundry self-service or traditional, industrial, ecological, water or dry), or the owners, taxation and legal transmit. Then creates a ‘ visual inspection of the surroundings of the place where you claim your local place, by calculating the number and types of stores with similar characteristics within a mile or two, and letting you know about their services, rates and level of attention, so that are parameters to investigate and competitive advantages. Your market research must collect timely information on customer traffic daily, on the hour of the day that is higher demand for the service, the type of customers (socio-economic) who visit Time and attention to the public .

To start a laundry room, you must get at least two washing machines and two dryers of 11 kg each, four shelves with five shelves, two working groups of at least 100 x 80 x 80 cm, a scale and a desk with box (150 x 60 x 90 cm). L ‘ investment starting a laundry includes the cost of the equipment and any changes to the local, the salary of the officers, administer expenses, payment of taxes and rent, in addition, you have to invest a monthly amount of a 5% advertising. If you are the owner of your laundry, you can assume the role of administrator and seek the assistance of one or two people to shift attention to the customer. Implements systems relating to compensation to reward customers recommending you to other friends, open a web page of your laundry with current offers and promotions of the season, and increases the number of customers with in-home services .