If you intend to open a travel agency of trips to America to start a business that can assure us of good profits, you have to be prepared to survive in one of the areas of business more competitive in the world. Open a travel overseas does not require documentation different from any other business, which, although obvious, goes into the background compared to the type with which they will operate, where more than stamped paper and tax obligations, you have to have mainly requirements and credentials specific in the tourism sector. Let us see how to get them to open a travel agency in America.

Many travel agents are present in American cities particularly in New York, Los Angeles, Miami and Chicago including those that operate in a store, or those online. In any case, if you want to obtain a license as a travel agent with one of the many national associations, as well as training, education and experience of the research focuses on a particular sector of the industry.


If the goal is to launch the agency independently, you must possess a high school diploma or hotel you run a hotel or even a simple restaurant. Many vocational schools offer full-time training programs with certificate of release to become travel agents. In New York City, there is the Globe Institute of Technology, Monroe College and St. John’s University that offer hotel management programs. Many travel agencies and companies such as the AA ( American Airlines ), the Marriott and the Hilton offer internships to students for specialization in the field of tourism. You can also seek an entry-level as a receptionist, a specialist in data entry or administrative assistant.

Other possibilities to open official tourist agencies, are those of affiliation with the International Air Transport Association (IATA), the Airlines Reporting Corporation (ARC) and the Cruise Lines International Association (CLIA) Each organization offers options to become an agent or fully qualified simply a travel consultant. The majority of the hotels, car rental agencies, cruise lines and tour operators offer commissions to travel agents Each company typically asks a number confirms to be part of the official records of the national societies and organizations related to the world of travel, both local and in the geographical areas in which you plan to specialize then obtained the go-ahead to open an agency, we have to start the normal course of administrative and tax burden , and start your own adventure in the world of professional travel agents.