A’ construction company is responsible for building construction. Can be specialized in various different types of buildings ( industrial or civil ), plus you can take care of the maintenance and renovation of existing buildings or take care mainly of historic buildings. in short, the types and scope of a construction company are very different . Every business activity of any kind, should be best managed and administered with great skill to work in the best way and be competitive in the job market.

L ‘ administration easier, the right to “small businesses” that are particular at family and makes use of a number “modest” personnel, is usually informal and is mainly based on direct experience of the entrepreneur. This If every decision will directly centered on the figure of the administrator who will arrange the minutes to all staff in order to better manage the work. Generally, this type of company does not have a specific management plan and follows the tax through a simple accounting, which is entrusted, as a rule, to an accountant. The success of this venture will depend, of course, over the undoubted capacity to work , even by “word of mouth” and its constant presence in the territory.


In the case of construction companies “big”, that are grown over time or start already with size more work, it is necessary to delegate decision-making power and the subsequent resulting responsibilities. The ‘ administrator must define competence in this case the different responsibilities and duties consequent, will make use of personal assistant and delegate part of their decisions . Determine the different skills “operational” (designers, architects, builders) and administrative (secretarial, accounting).

His task is not only to establish the objectives of the company , but also to motivate the work and planning in this business management. Even the staff training will become “business assets” that will increase over time the value. Because a company appears competitive it must be structured and planned in consideration of the possibilities offered by the labor market and its developments. The figure of ‘ administrator must, of necessity, cover this difficult and challenging role.