To start a business need to analyze a number of factors that vary depending on the particular area where you want to operate. A second, in fact, if it is a store of household items rather than a bar or restaurant, you will have to meet specific certificates and authorizations and request some documents necessary for the conduct of business you want to start.

First, for any kind of business you want to start, you need to set up an individual company by name, asking at the same time the attribution of VAT, subject to registration with the chamber of commerce, and ‘opening a bank account, through the filling out a form, duly provided by ‘Inland Revenue. Condition impediment to the institution of society is the criminal conviction ol ‘adoption of any measures to prevent borne by the holder thereof, except for the’ rehabilitation obtained, the past five years after that conviction.


As in any society that respects, it is appropriate to establish a business plan, taking into account the objectives of the fledgling company, the strategies of marketing that you want to take to the ‘increase in sales, as well as intervention strategies in the event of a sudden reduction of the profits thereof. Specifically, investing in advertising is a good choice because, in addition to the common word of mouth, you can build a website or better yet realize the real campaign for the advertising of business.

An important step to be taken into account to start a business is the choice of location of the same, which should never be far from population centers , the main streets of the city, worth a ‘very poor turnout, with a relative reduction sales. Start his own remains a pipe dream for many people, because we should have an initial capital to start ‘operations and support the cost of opening and running. However, there are still the neo – entrepreneurs funds made available to the state, that could reduce, not eliminate, the initial difficulties. D ‘on the other hand the countless possibilities of franchising require a sustainable investment, because it totally eliminates the cost of the ‘shop fittings, as well as the’ first purchase of goods.