The right chamber is a special legislative provision to which they are bound to fulfill the yearly owners of companies, consortia and so on, (Regularly registered in the commercial register) in favor of their own Chamber of Commerce. Below I will show how to calculate generically the right chamber with all its features attached .

Keep in mind first of all, that the fulfillment of the payment is addressed to the holders of limited liability company , joint stock company, sas, public or private organizations and consortia expressly provided for by law (through the forecast no. 267 of 2000) .

The payment of the annual fee must be paid with the F24 by the deadline (different from year to year). However, for the purposes of simplification, the deadline is, however, generally determined for the first half of June (in 2013 for example, the term was on the 17th). In the model above, must be clearly indicated code and current year.


The overall determination of the amount, it is of course related to the inclusion and the specification of its sector (use of warehouses, offices, the number of the latter, and so on) Failure clarification of these elements, determine certainly a wrong amount.

For obvious reasons, synthetic and resulting inability to explain in depth and adjusted the calculation, you can simply indicate which data is considered relevant in determining the amount to be paid, (which is carried out taking into account the billing of the reference , based IRAP).

The system described above, but will not be applied in the case of companies or otherwise actually commercial and / or craft registered in sections special (eg partnerships not agrigole that are required to pay the annual fee of about 140 Euros, or figure of about 170 for companies formed between professionals in a given field, such as advocacy). These realities are therefore required to pay a fixed annual fee, not subject (at least at the time) to change dependent on invoicing. This prediction is specified in the Official Italian.

For an easier determination, it is advisable to contact an experienced accountant in the industry (who will be able to provide an account of total and correct). There are in fact tables to facilitate the understanding of this area and clarify further the ideas also in relation to the different sections of belonging.