Money laundering or money laundering is to disguise the origin of proceeds from criminal activities.

Historically, those who carry out criminal activity have encountered the same problem. Have won illegally exorbitant amounts, but generally can only use it for black money outlays of small payments, risk to be discovered immediately. From the beginning of time, criminals have sought to hide where the money come from wanting to put in circulation, which is known as money laundering.

Also used the same techniques with the money from tax evasion, income from legal activities, which has been declared to the tax. However, it is more common than make large-scale professional crime worldwide. There is a body, FATF, which operates against money laundering internationally. What are the procedures that are commonly used to launder money? There are numerous methods that range from the sophisticated to ridiculously easy.


Methods of money laundering

The easiest way to launder capital is simply too small to deposit accounts in different banks colorful to put the full amount. Generally, these amounts are unobserved by the heads of the entities that do not bother to investigate what for them is irrelevant, when they have no obligation to report them. It is this form of action known as ‘structure’ or ant work. Much like, you can buy money orders or cashier’s checks that do not usually raise suspicions. Organizations that need to cover large amounts regularly, usually are opting to create what is known as a cover, a shell company that is supposedly legally earning money is to legalize. Sometimes their promoters do not work hard to conceal, for who does not know any clear business returns null but still open for a long time?

Operation of a cover

Generally, the greatest professional crime are clear that the important thing in a cover is not to attract attention. They simply declare business income greater than they really have, and implement tricks like paying suppliers in cash and no bill, making it very difficult to investigate. It is relatively easy to operate the catering industry and trade as profits of a store or restaurant are difficult to control by the Treasury. If revenues are not strikingly dramatic, the authorities will not care for investigation.

Generally, the law firm that allegedly earns no money except on paper and in reality not even play in economic activity for which officially have been created. For police investigations made in the sector, mafia organizations are not always responsible for implementing their own lids. There are also specialists in this field, having launched a number of companies listed to cover up these practices, so they offer the service in exchange for commissions.

Other systems

Increasingly showing methods of money laundering. In recent times have become relevant electronic transfers. To hinder the tracking of capital, online criminals send money to accounts in different countries. Usually it passes through numerous accounts from one side to another of the globe, ultimately complicates any investigation, especially because it is very difficult to get information from the entities in different countries.

Once concealed its origin, is used for investments in stock, payments to entities that often belong to the same owner, etc. This further tangled trail of transactions. Getting to determine the origin of a given amount requires a thorough job of the experts. Also practiced assiduously the sale of goods. The buyer pays an amount greater than that expected in the first seller in exchange for issuing an invoice stating that the transaction has been settled for much less. Finally, it is mandatory to mention the smuggling of cash, hidden in a similar way to other illegal goods such as narcotics. Normally used as target various tax havens.