Organic products are booming the Internet! We’ll tell you the key success factors in order to sell successfully online bio.

The market for organic foods is relatively small, but the future. The target group stereotype of the cereal-eating radical vegetarians have long since outlived its usefulness. Even “ordinary consumer” set in the face of food scares now on ecological alternatives. Austria’s farmers now produce the highest percentage share of organic products in the European Union (with far more stringent animal breeding and holding requirements). The trade is benefiting from this trend.

Even in Germany is “organic”, not least in the face of food crises is increasingly sought after commodity. Here the production is already lagging behind the increasing demand clear bottlenecks in organically grown grain bread, barley, eggs, dairy products and pork have not to the detriment of the Austrian producers will be offset by increased imports. An ever increasing percentage of consumers in the German-speaking countries can be potential consumers of organic products are classified. And even though organic foods are more expensive due to the production of low margins and significantly more expensive than conventional products.


The market opportunities for organic products are good, but there is still much untapped potential. Industry experts estimate that only the German organic food market is only part of the potential revenue to be realized. Experts say the reasons for limitations in the production and especially in the marketing of these products. Many of directly marketed their organic suppliers are difficult to reach, the opening times of shops and farm shops inflexible. In Austria, many organic farmers to sell their meat and sausages exist as a “standard” product, because no marketing channels for organic products. The open round the clock internet health food store here would be safe for many consumers and providers as a welcome alternative.

The online sale is also excellent for the case of organic food to satisfy (key word “eco-trust”) is very strong information needs of customers. Organic consumers are particularly “information hungry” known. In online sales, consumers like the online shop are supplied with background information. Information that not only increase the confidence, but also increase the willingness of customers to engage in organic products a bit deeper into their pockets. How, then use the natural food providers, the above opportunities? Obviously very different. Very professional performances, and shops are here along with many others who ignored even the most basic rules of e-commerce.

What are the success factors only, the vendors bring in a profit? Not only factual information and advertising, but also emotional messages were found to be important factors for boosting the buying power: bio-hybrids need to differentiate sites. Purely factual advertising decline, given the increasing saturation of the markets and the resulting information overload in importance. Especially in organic farming, it is important to provide customers with a virtual consumer experience because of the nature of experience is particularly crucial for this target group. The regionality of the offer is a key success factor: Regional focus offers can better take into account geographical features to implement and build on the confidence of existing social networks and keep the logistics manageable cost.

The “little” success with information and quick delivery times

Small vendors score particularly in terms of communication: They manage to produce often better than big players, a sense of unity among Internet customers in: In the past we went to the health food store is also talking about something and meet people, but also Internet shopping can be communicative. It is important to a wide range of information: Each product is ideally illustrated and described in detail, which sometimes can correspond to an extent of several A4 pages when appropriate explanation needed. In addition to providing quality information points often small and quick delivery.