A conference in La Coruna, Galicia organized by AEDIPE explains how to get and why there to chase.

Happiness at Work by online surveys. Not an error, but the title of the second conference organized by AEDIPE Galicia and will take place on 21 and 22 October 2011 in La Coruna. Learning and sharing of experiences of success are grounds for debate once, with the main theme “The Potential of the People”. With the ambitious aim of discovering the true human value, this meeting aimed at exploring those qualities that are beyond the obvious and that make the real difference of organizations.

The detailed program of the conference: Happiness at Work

It will address measurement issues, teamwork, and human strengths, with national and international experts, researchers and professionals, who are leading in business best practices in the development of human potential.Esther Perez business experience will teach Microsoft group, Lola Visual Calvo MS and Joan Pau Fisas of the job search portal Infojobs. For his part, Carmelo Vazquez will reveal “how to measure happiness in Europe.” Regarding successful practices we will be able to know those of BLC, from the hand of Javier quarry, the turn on through Joana Rodrigues and those of Toyoda, thanks to a presentation of Maite Crespo.


Invest in happiness to be competitive

Companies who value and pursue job satisfaction and happiness at work have a powerful competitive advantage that clearly contributes to its sustainability. Since the middle of last century studies of human behavior in the companies have introduced new management techniques focusing on trust in humans. Historically, the people responsible for companies and institutions have sought the return of human resources and effective development.

From the analysis of the complexity of personality and motivation, it has come to sophisticated management skills to select and manage knowledge, skills and attitudes appropriate for each function in each company. We have at our disposal the means to manage resources and knowledge, to teach skills to generate attitudes and motivations, to develop talents and to share values​​.