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For whom? Employee technician, supervisor, executive, manager nearby. Prerequisites This course requires no prerequisites.


Understanding what lies behind the most common economic concepts. Linking the concepts covered and the main economic and financial indicators. Locate your own contribution to business results, cash generation and Business benefits.



An e-learning module 30 ‘Deciphering the balance sheet and income statement Understand the contents of the report. Control the composition of the income statement. Changing the balance sheet and income statement. Locate its contribution in these documents. Analyze a balance sheet and income statement.1 one day become aware of all the economic expectations of financial partners, shareholders and bankers.The stakes for the company and employees. Constraints external partners, customers and suppliers. 2 Know the contents of balance sheet and income statement How to read a balance sheet. Understanding the income statement. Locate the role of key actors Branch, Finance Division, operating departments and teams. 3 Understand how the balance sheet and income statement impact of management decisions on the balance sheet illustrations with the company . 4 Know the issues and the overall balance sheet and income statement The overall balance sheet FR, working capital and cash. 5 Understand the key performance indicators on the results of EBITDA cash / cash flow / free cash flow. 6 Locate its own contribution on the tree of value creation. + 2 e-learning modules 30 ‘Financial analysis and valuation of the company Understand the fundamentals of financial analysis. Ownership ratios in the service of the financial analysis. Detect sources of information for the financial market.Understand the scoring and rating: an external view of banks and financial markets. Locate its contribution to value creation Understanding value creation through five fundamental. Locate its role and contribution in the tree of value creation. Control the cash flow table and the importance of Free Cash-Flow. Locate its role in the management of cash.