The reasons to belong to and attend clubs and other networks are numerous: the mere breath of fresh air to participation in the national debate, to hunt for business opportunities. Each network meets specific goals that can match or not.

The range of possibilities is huge for those who want “network”.In the world, it seems even be a club for every taste. Cocoa lovers meet at Club Croqueurs chocolate enthusiasts rugby Rugby & Company, fades to black gold club caviar tasters.

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Before enrolling in circles all you want, it should target your expectations. “From your introspection depend on your choice, In essence you will answer the following questions: What do I need from my business strategy? Is it to train me? To break my solitude?To sell my business? Contribute to the national debate?

The golden rules of good networker

> Be present at meetings with regularity, to free up time.
> Take an interest in the life of the network and participate give before you receive.
> Be honest and transparent to build trust relationships.
> Follow the basic rules of etiquette (politeness, punctuality, listening, humility, not to play sponger, etc.)

At the meeting of his peers

For example, some networks are more or less suited to certain stages of corporate life and the course leader.Approaching business leaders who are at different stages of growth and therefore face more or less the same problems makes you feel less alone. Moreover, it can not be expert in everything.In a network, each brings his expertise is rewarding.

Thus, for the junior designers and contractors, clubs, chambers of commerce and industry, alumni networks or the circle of young entrepreneurs are quite appropriate.

This is to break its isolation, to network, interact with peers, or even each other. Same kinds of goals with the hedonistic clubs that focus, in turn, on the friendliness and passion to bring together a small community.

Other networks have specialized training, the Centre is the case of young business leaders (CJD) and the Association Progress of Management (APM) that allow the entrepreneur to gain height to anticipate and exchange of good practice. For those wishing to make their voices heard, who want to make things happen, syndicates or as channels are preferred.If the politics put off, there are militant networks that do not provided specific color.Their sole purpose defense of the entrepreneur and his business.