Tax is a significant part in the budget entities governed by tax legislation, so businesses in general but also individuals as well as associations and groups whose activities are for profit. To this end, it is common for decision makers in each entity seeking a way to ease their tax burdens. However, the approaches used are not always legal, and it even happens that they ignore the mandatory aspect of such payment to the state. Faced with the resurgence of this practice unhealthy for the economy and public finance, the citizen can play a leading role and help to suppress such attitudes through the act of termination. To be successful, this is must be as responsible as possible in order to respect the rights of each so that each party is bound by its obligations.


Anyone who is legally established under the tax system may terminate third in view of irregularities or abuses by the latter under the Inland Revenue. These harms may include omissions or false content on the books of account, the irregularities committed by the directors and any action that may require inspections by the tax center.

The means of reporting current:

An information is usually through a letter to the head of the tax center of the area or department where the advisory, that is, the informant is. It also happens that the denunciations of taxes are made by phone or e-mail. In the latter case, a standard form must be strictly fulfilled, including information on the qualities of the complainant and the reason for termination. But the safest is to go directly to the specialist service and file a complaint with the manager dealing with this type of case. In all cases, an interview will be required and requested by that body to confirm the information and formalize it to lead to specific checks.

The steps and precautions during a reporting taxes:

After recording the information, the advisor must be a relevant record to justify such an act. It should be noted that many whistle blowers have seen their efforts fail because of any defect. Thus, the composition of evidence and written in black and white such as extracts from records showing the abuse so clearly or written testimony and signed by the accusers, is required to initiate the process control and counter the possibility the action to sue. Then, the informant’s interest to hire a lawyer to guide him in his future endeavors, especially in checking the suitability of each show and respect for the judicial process.

The constitution of evidence is a delicate step in that original documents must be in possession of the advisory. It must then produce many copies as possible, necessarily certified true copies in order to show them where necessary, especially during the trial. In addition, an original document can not be entrusted to a third party, even to his lawyer or the court itself without a formal application including the name and address of the complainant. The duplicates of documents, a game must be carefully stored away so that no one may access them. This precaution is the only guarantee of security from the record that all the citizens. Noting that the photographs and audiovisual recordings are only a single shred of evidence, such arguments are difficult to use in court. At the end of the procedure and in the case of a tax collection, penalties and more, the complainant may receive a percentage of the sum recovered by the IRS. In addition, the culprits are severely punished by being sentenced to heavy fines, which can be accompanied by a prison term not exceeding five years.

Attitudes to avoid:

It should not be confused with the denunciation denunciation is done anonymously and does not guarantee the veracity of the accusation. It is not considered a civic act and has little chance of success. In fact, specialized agencies of the tax authorities almost systematically ranked accusations, given the numerous complaints occurred for false accusation and whatnot. In addition, an information manager, including the identity of the advisory reflects the right in a democracy and the tax legislation takes into account a lot. In addition, an informer can not expect the premium to be much less than the anonymous advisor may be heavily prosecuted for his accusation if it is recognized and if the action was unjustified.

The distinction between large enterprises and fraud measures survival of companies in difficulty should be raised to the extent that the tax should not be blocking the development of microeconomics. In addition, the law protects every citizen of false accusations. Therefore, it is better to measure the scope of each withdrawal under any circumstances.