The city is a marketing policy that guides the achievement of objectives by meeting the needs of citizens.

The image of a city is a mental representation, a statement of opinion to be built in the minds of the internal and external audiences, from a set, large, factors whose degree of foresight and free will is very variable. For positioning in the minds of the people’s plan marketing of city is an essential tool, it creates the image from the definition and realization of the desired model urban center of their vision.

The marketing town

It is defined as comprising the active policy-oriented activities to identify and determine the needs of different audiences, and potential and develop a range of products and services to meet those needs, creating and enhancing their demand.


It is essential to create the image city, based on products and services to satisfy different audiences and can sell using elements of communication, advertising and promotion.It relies on the identification of needs to meet citizens, investors, tourists, visitors, among others, which therefore seeks to spread a desired city model.

The image of a city

It is the synthesis of their identity that will define a set of attributes of a permanent nature that constitute its essence and serve to differentiate it from others.

The city identity has two dimensions:

* Functional: The concrete in its strategic intent, understood as their reason for being is expressed through its city model, which is the strategy to fulfill its main objective in the medium and long term from a set of functional and formal policies.
* Cultural: includes values ​​shared by all the city dwellers, these assumptions about its location, the environment and everything that could influence.

Form of city image

The image of a city depends in an integrated manner, both operational and functional behavior, reflected through the actions of citizens and city officials, as scheduled performances in the field of communication, Advertising and promotion. It takes place in the minds of different audiences, as a synthesis of behavior, culture and personality. That is, the image of the city aims to spread a positive message based on a solid anchor in the identity and the reality of this.

Elements that make up the image of a city

* Functional imaging, which is obtained from the degree of compliance activities.
* Perceived image that is the target audiences are the same, both outside and inside.
* Image intentional, which refers to that the city wants to induce, through actions in the field of visual identity and communication.

The management of the urban image

Requires the formulation of a strategy to be determined stages, objectives and tools needed for implementation. A plan marketing for the city must be based on their vision and knowledge of existing assets and resources, must take into account the defined strategies and develop action plans to achieve the desired model. You should also properly combine the elements of marketing mix Has to set their own goals and action strategies, specific actions identified and establish control mechanisms.

The city brand

The marketing City is a tool that must be used to create a brand, to promote and maintain properly.
The synthesizes a concept brand, An image, an urban model determined that to succeed you need to establish emotional connections with audiences compelling and distinctive, that is, awakening feelings.
A city brand has to be used as a symbol of personality, be associated with urban assets and resources, values ​​related to the city model, with significant attractiveness as welfare, coexistence, sustainability, solidarity, freedom, tolerance, cooperation, environmentalism .

This represents the city brand

It must represent something concrete, interest, must be credible in the sense of a product linked to the city, related to a reality and an urban project.

* Agricultural town.
* Commercial city.
* Industrial city.
* Tourist town.
* City services.
* Cultural city.
* City educator.
* City of solidarity.
* Livable city.
* Sustainable city.

Urban centers can “sell” with success, if they have a representative and recognized brand, created and promoted by the marketing On the solid foundation of an urban model, a defined vision through strategic planning.