Online sales and advertising are important weapons wineries champagne and know that they will look to increase their incomes Christmas.

Most of the wineries of Catalan cava and French champagne spent months preparing their business strategy and advertising for the upcoming holiday season, we must take into account the large economic impact have these dates in their annual accounts. Many of them try to cushion the impact of the economic crisis with different solutions. Some companies, such as Codorniu or Freixenet, Intensify your advertising campaign with television ads that give value to your brand, others rely on the Internet to enhance their image.


Online shopping increases at Christmas

Apart from the results that may give the campaigns, what seems evident is that Internet sales in Spain are rising and companies are going to take this trend in the Christmas season. In fact, a recent report commissioned by Kelkoo Provides that the shopping online in the Spanish market grew 45% over last Christmas (reaching a turnover of 1,440 million euros).

This boom in online shopping at this time they make use sites , Specializing in the marketing of beverages and other high-end gourmet food products. In this case, the company has developed a special section designed for these special offers Christmas celebrations With a wide range of prices.

Codorniu surfers think of the Christmas spirit

Although often what happens in the online world does not have his replica out of it (for example, while the Internet is expected to grow Christmas shopping by 45%, the traditional trade will fall by 1.6%, according to the study before above), the truth is that companies are increasingly defining their project giving a special role to the Internet.

To develop this idea can be the basis on which mode was chosen the dress she will wear the model that gives life to Anna of Codorniu in the Christmas campaign. The election was conducted among Internet users who chose Pinot Noir dress, created by Vittorio & Lucchino, compared to other two models also designed by couturiers Andalusians.

Design star Vittorio & Lucchino Codorníu ads for Christmas

Codorniu, This announcement should be noted that the models designed by Vittorio & Lucchino Were inspired by each of the three grape varieties used to make their cellars Codorniu, Chardonnay and Pinot Noir. The latter was the most voted by the Internet over a period of one month.

The dress selection may be said to be the interpretation that the designers make the cava made from this grape (pinot noir), whose taste is to remember who drink it, times and special places. The design is made of silk tulle and velvet ribbon tied at the waist.
Freixenet spends his Christmas ad for dance and flamenco.

In the case of Freixenet’s advertising campaign for this holiday season should be noted that features flamenco (recently recognized World Heritage Site by UNESCO) and the classical and modern dance. The first is represented by Sara Baras and the second by the National Dance Center, directed by choreographer and lead dancer, Jose Carlos Martinez. In addition to the television commercial, a documentary is being prepared for viewing online only.

On the occasion of the presentation of this commercial for Christmas, every year creates a great buzz from Freixenet have ensured that as long as the situation crisis current contracts will be treated to prevent millionaires. Also pointed out that this might not be met, in case they were stars like Shakira (protagonist’s announcement last year), which are linked to projects for social purposes.

The companies know the power of consumers

What seems clear is that companies are increasingly more aware of the power of consumers and know that any action carried out can have a positive impact on its image or income if they have the consent of users. They are also knowledgeable of the internet is a good way to maintain communication with them, either generally or in specific campaigns, such as Christmas.