What you need to know about offers car insurance today. Genesis Direct Line, Direct Phoenix compared to traditional insurance.

The current range of insurance car is overwhelming. Not only well-established insurance companies in the Spanish market are constantly bombarded with advertising on radio, television and the Internet. Other companies relatively new to the public domain also want to show they are there, offering their products through aggressive advertising campaigns. Some examples are Genesis, Phoenix hot line direct or insurer.


But what can you say about these insurance products offered by traditional insurers face? Are all car insurance equal? What customers say about the quality of their policies, customer service and after sales service?

Different policies for different coverages

The usual offerings in the world of automobile covers the following types of policies and coverages:

* Without excess.
* With excess.
* Third more moons, theft and fire.
* Third more moons and theft.
* Third more moons.
* Third base.

Although use different trade names for the different policies, these are what the market offers and that are generally known to the public level. Have been classified by starting with the highest amount of coverage to the most basic.

Without going into details, the factor of collateral covered by each type of policy is an important issue to consider. The price is not everything and the consumer usually only realize this when there are problems of lack of coverage. In those moments will have to cover their own expenses personal assets.

Cheap car insurance

The Spanish market has been flooded with new companies quickly they have seen their advertising as a means to gain market share. Some examples are Genesis, Direct Line Insurance (Direct Line in UK) Direct or Balumba Phoenix.These companies offer consumer benefits such as online recruitment or their prices. Of course, what may seem to some benefits might not be for others. As an example, online recruitment. Not everyone can do it without experiencing problems.

Once the policy has been hired, the consumer highly appreciates the care you receive, and when the speed of processing claims. In this regard, there are opinions on both sides. Those who have had good experiences praise the customer service, not those who have had problems. The truth is that the logic says that the quality of care that a company will pay is closely related to the price we are paying for the policy.

Is it worthwhile to purchase insurance at an affordable price?

Depend on the amount that the insured of the economic aspect. If, however, concern is focused on customer service and claims processing, again linking the maximum economic value of the policy with coverages and services would be something to consider.

The small print contract exists for the consumer to consider. It is this fine print that can turn a policy into good or bad.There are important differences between the coverage they offer the same level policies from different insurers. Therefore, the help of insurance professionals is essential, since the insurance carrier to insurance agents from different companies. They will help the consumer to purchase a policy for your needs. Traditional insurance companies may also surprise you with low prices.

Factors to evaluate a good car insurance

Therefore, to be a good consumer and never feel cheated, the price should not be the only goal. Consider the coverage of the policy and the fine print. The important thing is to look for different options not only among the companies that advertise through advertising be economic.