Thousands of French investors in the stock market every year with varying degrees of success. The selection of the bank in which you open the account with which you buy shares is a key factor in the success of the investment. With La Poste, investors can buy shares and receive support that will ensure their success in the financial market.

The preliminary purchase shares on the stock exchange with the Post Office

The Post now has a banking service useful to all those who want to invest in stocks. But they must follow the procedures in force in order to buy or sell shares in this market.


For customers who have a bank account in the Post

The first step to buying a share via the Postal Bank is to open an account at the Post Office. Customers who own one can simply go to the bank and ask for the stock on an exchange. If they have a sufficient bank balance, the Postal Bank may serve as a broker and facilitate the purchase of shares in a relatively limited.

For new investors

Customers who open an account for the first time should provide the documents required for opening an account. They choose the type of account that suits them (individual or joint), and may request the Postal Bank to buy their shares.

Buy stocks with the Postal Bank

The holder of a bank account is for the Postal Bank for shares on the stock market. La Postal Bank encourages customers to go through the website to facilitate purchase orders.

How do I make a purchase order to the Postal Bank

For a purchase order to the post office to be validated, it must have certain characteristics. Therefore, the customer should first learn about these different elements before asking the Postal Bank to validate the purchase order. The elements of a purchase order are:

* The direction of the operation and the number of shares;
* The nature of the security (bond or share) and the name of the value;
* The ISIN number or value traded;
* The limit of validity of the purchase order and price;
* The type of order to execute.

The different types of purchase order

There are three types of purchase order. First, one has the limit order that is to indicate the maximum purchase price for which you are willing to pay. Then there is the to-limit order that is executed when we reached the best level of prices on the Stock Exchange. Initially, therefore, there is no specific price to be executed. Finally, there is about the threshold that is performed when the price reaches or exceeds the threshold set by the client.

When the order was executed, the Postal Bank warns the customer with a contract note and mail. But his account by visiting the website of the bank, the client is regularly informed of the transactions. For cons, the client is not notified when the order was not executed. He falls at maturity that he has chosen, so it is not necessary to prevent it.

Precautions when buying shares

Investors should focus on the stock purchase orders through the Internet, either via the Postal Bank or with another operator. In fact, purchase orders sometimes take time to be executed, which is detrimental to the buyer. Moreover, it is recommended to purchase for cash in order to limit the risk of loss and uncontrolled spending.