The ruling would be greater than their male counterparts when it comes to change their society, its organization and its staff.This is the opinion of me , an expert in change management. Here are my arguments.

Expert in change management, i found that leaders behave differently and basically focused on change.he sees several possible reasons for the superiority of women.Here are my arguments.

womens leader

By nature, women use social strategies, while the man prefers confrontation.This is an important asset for a successful transformation into a company.The woman does not place a bottleneck.

The woman does not have the superiority complex of man, which tends to lead him right to self-fulfilling prophecy. She listens, she does not persists in error.By cons, it is much more courageous and persevering as he was. The resistance does not put to flight, she always finds a way to circumvent.

The woman has an eye for detail that has no practical man, who delights in theoretical schemes unrealistic.This is a decisive advantage because success is in the execution.

It has generally been a slow and difficult career more than man. and she often has to manage a family. She has been learning more and require more careful than their male counterparts. In addition, the selection process she went through is very uncompromising, it is likely to be relatively, than a man who has faced fewer hardships.

There are also bad leaders, according to Christophe .But I think they are because they wanted to imitate the man.What is the strength of the leader is being a woman.

And the man in all this

The high opinion of the qualities of the woman’s expert did not forget those rights. As more blind, theoretical, less conservative (in the sense of prudence Greek, the ultimate quality of the leader), it is perhaps more suitable for a risky innovation or excessive development,