The rent must meet suitable characteristics to get the most suitable tenant, according to their needs and economic possibilities.

Normally when searching apartment for rent, furnished or unfurnished, is that the person concerned to make a tour of the area or areas in preference to locate warning notices, either individual or estate agent. Also, this person would do the press, both written and to digital, to find what is closest to your needs and have basic information to begin to select and arrange visits. The future tenant will have to keep in mind what monthly payment you can afford without problems, adjusting to their income level, and depending on it, you can choose features and superior qualities or not. That is, the greater the capacity to deliver, the greater chance of finding a home with heating, air conditioning, equipment design, garage, cellar and swimming, to mention something.

Apartment for rent furnished or unfurnished well situated. Economic or luxury?

Owners of apartments for rent, meanwhile, will do everything in their power to the availability of your home is advertised in the most effective and the floor is closed as soon as possible. But they also must keep in mind that should bring the monthly calling on the characteristics of the property, by status in area, and indoor and own the same house. Before quote interested potential tenants, you should do an overhaul on the floor, in order in case of having to adjust the price can have arguments of the suitability of the property. This makes more sense if the house has been rented before. In this case, painting, cleaning thoroughly and check all appliances and other electrical appliances are working properly.


Services of rent as the tenant

The fact of advertising as an economic rent housing provide lower-income tenants, but also less demanding when applying for such as dishwashers, garage or pool, for example. By contrast, post an apartment or a luxury villa for rent bring customers will gladly pay a fee much higher than normal. But yes, we must have all the amenities for this type of customer tends to be very demanding.

Community fee included in price

Whatever housing, luxury or not, the landlord will need to always ensure that payments to the homeowners are current. It is therefore advisable to include in the monthly fee to charge the tenant such a concept, because if left to the last, in case of default, the owner will always have problems with the community. This point is taken into account when determining the monthly amount requested. This will entail the use of other schedules and services, such as the garage, storage room, pool and even water consumption.

Inventory of furniture and housing for rent

Finally, counsel who intends to make a home for rent that will take the trouble to draw up an inventory of all that is left. Initially it may seem cause for suspicion, but you should always bring peace to both the landlord and the tenant, since between them is not required to remain or not any useful that is not on this list. It need not be complicated to produce it. Just several sections, one for each room of the house, and go detailing what each has inside. In the case of special appliances or fixtures is also advisable to detail the make and model.