Human Resources: Why is the department less dear? It reflects what the organization is part of.

M. B. put the issue in a debate within a social network very prestigious and, reading the various comments on the departments of Human Resources professionals and businesses Selection Head Hunting, born the following reflections.


She wrote: “The tone of what you have written is that they are anything but good people, because, among other things, do not respond to requests for information about the process, or report anything unless it is chosen to the position. It is important to remember that these departments are the faithful reflection of what the organization to which they belong, are not an isolated entity. Therefore, the way it works is the way to work the organization they belong to. Sure, if you already have some professional experience, have found good and bad media professionals HR and of all departments of the organizations which have worked. In the case of companies Selection Head Hunting, it is the same: they are part of this system we call market and therefore, is the organization where they work. And there are good, mediocre and bad. As in everything.

Could it be that what is wrong are the organizations and market? And that the most visible emotionally and therefore the easiest to vilify, is what touches people? Honestly, I doubt that all bad business have agreed to work in departments undertakings of Human Resources. Greetings from Marianne (Senior Professional Human Resources) ”

Marianne, as you know everyone is different and not only in comparison with others. These variations are difficult to measure, only a skilled and sensitive in his brain can store a “historic” that would make the right decisions for people. For example, measuring the work or the professionalism of a Chief Financial Officer is much more “easy” because its results have a numerical value on which you can say but only within certain limits. A Director HR of the keys has input and output of the gate Company and, in particular as regards the signings has numbers against a resounding form: always chosen are an infinitesimal percentage of discarded.

In social networks there are many professional looking for opportunities and time spent in the network is inversely proportional to the work they have, therefore may be suffering a crisis of confidence in themselves, which carries the majority (human, we all do, sooner or later) to blame the selectors of his difficulties. So in a debate within a social network is normal to have more negativism, given the precarious situation of many.

Besides the obvious reasons related to the professional status of participants in debates on social networks, we must remember and recognize critically some inexplicable way select talent Because many times there is a paradox that a person with little work experience have to decide on the suitability of professionals with more career, ability and personality. But as you know, the fish always smells from the head, so the CEO or the CEO are primarily responsible for the actions in the various departments. The experience for many leads to the dramatic conclusion that too often exists in managers fear losing their jobs and therefore to select a lower level staff that does not threaten their future careers.

This is the vicious circle of mediocrity One of the main causes of the current “crisis” that would have to solve the same vain that have been created. In the last twenty years the best talents have been marginalized and now the boat is drifting due to lack of minimum navigation capability. It also erroneously crisis continues talking while what is happening is a radical, comparable to a revolution, which is irreversible and nothing to do with times of economic depression in the past.

That would be nice if ficharan always the best, the less would work its march higher and the better business! We have come to the paradox that appear brave and able, sometimes, open the doors of marginalization, at least in Latin countries Where the envy is widespread among most awarded professional skills. There are very good professionals who lower the profile of your CV to have more facilities are added. He said the greatest of Italian journalism, Indro Montanelli Tuscan-blooded, that in his country rejoiced over the failure of the neighbor’s own success . and it’s no joke.