Chartered accountants and auditors in the Paris Monday, July 9 presented a collection of twenty proposals to enhance the competitiveness of SMEs. Particular, they suggest changing the corporate tax to build equity. Accountants argue for a “flexicurity” in French. Or how to prioritize employ ability of employees to maintain employment in the short term. This is one of 20 proposals that Accountants and auditors will present the Paris shortly to the Minister of Productive Recovery, Arnaud Montebourg (see below).

Other recommended measures, includes the modification of the procurement code to guarantee 25% of public procurement to SMEs, the famous American Small Business Act. Another track currently on the negotiating table of the conference social, the transfer of a share of the funding of family policy (about 30 billion euros) currently weighing on labor income to other plates (CSG? ). Many measurements as accountants believe “simple, effective and consistent with current budget constraints” and they plan to make to the debate. A lobbying action is emerging.


The Labour Code in the cross hairs

To support their statements, the two accounting organizations have commissioned a survey in the Paris Ifop conducted among 500 small business owners. We learn that 91% of business leaders support the proposal to amend the tax on businesses to help them increase their competitiveness. Among the main obstacles to the development of competitiveness, business leaders have designated the rigidity of the labor code (55%), taxation (54%) and only in third place, the economic context in which SMEs French ( 46%).

Healthy situation

Nevertheless, 82% of SME managers interviewed considered that their business is healthy, 72% expect their financial situation will remain stable and 11% expect an improvement of their situation in the short term. However, 56% are worried about their own activity. Issue of the French economy, business growth of intermediate size (between 50 million and EUR 1.5 billion turnover, and employing between 250 and 5,000 employees), is at the heart of reflections on competitiveness, the report notes. They are 4700 in France, against about 10,000 in Germany. Unfortunately, concludes the Accountants, the ETI is the “weak link” of French business , sandwiched between a very wide base of TPE / PME (2.4 million) and 235 large global companies.