Bank charges on basic services cambiado. The banks have introduced new fees that customers do not always know.

The bank promoted by heavy advertising their programs “Zero commission” “No Commission” and the like ensuring not charge fees for basic banking services, eliminating maintenance costs of bills, checks, cards or transfer fees. However, while some entities suppress them, others not only maintain but also on numerous occasions to meet other committees invent cutting income generated by such charges usually applied to basic services. Should know to not be any surprises and if possible, avoid them.

Zero fees on banks for higher balances

Some banks and building societies (such as BBVA, Bankia, Ibercaja or Civic Banking) have taken up the plans for “zero commission” even though their strategies focus on middle-income customers-high, so are the social classes with lower incomes which are adversely affected by the increase in basic fees.


Thus, Bank Santander advertises its “zero commission” without mentioning that although most of their customers benefit from not paying the same basic commissions, who have few resources are harmed. In this program of Bank Santander provides for the payment of commissions to customers whose salaries or pensions are below the minimum wage, hurting large numbers of pensioners and benefit recipients Inem.

Card fees

The elimination of annual cost Debit cards and credit not directed to all customers. Only customers who have contracted with your bank pension plans, mutual funds or savings accounts and those who are domiciled salary or pension benefit from the elimination of commissions. The rest of the customers are forced to pay a large amount of commissions. The debit card has an average cost of 19.89 euros and the commission of the credit cards can reach 36.39 euros. In Bankia, the annual fee for a debit card is 17 euros per year.

Fees for cash income

One of the most striking is the commission charge for making a cash income in an account. Bank inter who makes a cash income to another person at any branch without being the holder of an account, charges from June 2 euros per admission, hiding behind the provision of a financial service is a non-client generates a cost .

Open bank, the Internet subsidiary of Bank Santander euro charge a commission on your customer account receives more than three months income in cash.

Commission to have the red in the account

Facing an overdraft in the customer’s account is not considered a basic banking service, so that all banks charge this fee.The Bank of Spain stood at 4.15% the average cost per face an overdraft on the amount owed, with a minimum of 12.72 euros. This commission must be added the expense claim management of the bank discovered only tell the client that the account in the red and charged to the customer’s account balance when available. This commission is at an average of 31.93 euros.

Study of a mortgage

Banks have recovered the commission to analyze the potential customer to sign a mortgage loan, Driven primarily by the current credit crunch economic difficulties derived from the current crisis. According to the Bank of Spain, the bank applied for the study of a real estate loan an average commission of 132 euros, a rise of 23% compared to 2010. The high cost does not imply approval of the loan, so that a bank may require the commission to study and then deny credit to the customer.

Obligation of banks to report commissions

Circular 8 / 1990 of the Bank of Spain establishes that entities are required to publish in their branches the rates of fees charged and the changes that occur in the amounts in advance of at least two months. However, such advertising is not enough and does not guarantee that customers will know.

Cancel the account to pay for

Even entities that advertise “zero commission” to cancel an account can be penalized with a commission, and that the cancellation is not considered a basic service. Bankia, for example, a fee of 6 euros, to avoid this fee. To avoid this payment, one option is to remove all the money in an account and leave it unusable. When after a while, the bank claims the payment of commissions to be generated an overdraft, it is best to apply for exemption Customer Ombudsman In the first instance, and the Bank of Spain, second, if not obtained positive response.

Receive transfers

Typically, banks charge a fee for a transfer. However, since 2010, the Bank of Spain allows banks to charge both the sender of the transfer as a recipient, increasingly common practice with the resources needed for Spanish banks. According to the Bank of Spain, the average cost of a transfer is of 4.41 euros, up 37% from the end of 2010, when a transfer is paid, on average, to 3.14 euros.

Account Balance

The Bank of Spain data show that maintenance and management fees for an account now costs 25.8 euros half. Bankia, for example, a fee of 6 euros who maintain quarterly average balance in an account less than 2,000 euros, an annual account maintenance EUR 24 except those who have domiciled their payroll with the entity or hold the less than 1,000 shares of the bank.