Quality is the only premise that followed to the letter. The rest is imagination exponent.

It was one of the companies that has triumphed in the latest edition of Diy Madrid and with good reason. His unconventional designs, the variety of jobs they do, the originality with which products are present compelling reasons to draw the attention of all who pass by one of their stands. And is that Ras is much more than a company dedicated to the manufacture and marketing of jewelery, is a craft project, creative engagement where you work a good group of inquiring minds.

As explained by Silvia S. Garcia, in charge of the business side of this proposal: “Our strength lies in the production in Spain. This allows a little luxury as do designs and prototypes, and test new finishes almost almost without moving from the chair, carrying in times record. therefore enjoyed it so much, since we have a design embodied in a role we get to work in the workshop and in a little while, chases finished the first prototype, we love finishing the day with new possibilities and above all new finishes. ”

Laboratory and workshop

Third generation of people working in the field of handicrafts made with metals, Ras is also a workshop to develop designs of other artists. People who develop their ideas on paper but lack sufficient resources and market Prara run. Thus, Ras is also developed as a conduit for proposals original proposals that would otherwise be lost in the drawers.


To provide greater organization for this initiative, the people who make Ras has created a virtual store called Kiuras SL which is defined as a portal of products made in Spain. Or, as stated on its Web site: “Kiuras is just an online sales channel for those who like internet friends, and do not have time to move, you still do not have a store nearby with flush products, or who prefer to buy online “. The success of Ras has been such that even the popular brand Kukuxumusu entrusted in them to make their proposals jewelry, which can also be purchased at the gate of Ras. Same goes for brand bookmarks Osborne, who also develop in their facilities.

Accessories for all tastes

In Ras catalog are products for all tastes and for all occasions. There are proposals for formal appointments for the day to day. Bags methods different sizes and materials, covers for tablets of all different colors and designs, rather than reading points surprising covers smartphones, quality jewelery and impossible ways, and everything imaginable. Even have activated an Outlet section where superdense purchase products with discounts.

Buy in Ras

Ideal for a gift, products made ​​by craftsmen and craftswomen of Ras can be known in detail on its Web site where everything appears perfectly ordered and accompanied with high quality photographs. To facilitate the process, in Ras have different safe payment methods, delivery options and personalized monitoring of each shipment. If you still have questions on our visit to perform, Ras has a customer service and a set of frequently asked questions available for everyone.