It is the process that drives a person to act a certain way or at least causes a propensity toward a specific behavior.
While the model above is the same for all people, not the result, as this will vary indefinitely, it depends on how the stimulus is received (which varies by individual and the same person over time), needs (which also vary with the individual) and the knowledge possessed by each person.
produce To understand clearly we note the following diagram which explains the motivational cycle aims to understand why the break occurs in the body’s internal balance.
produce Motivational cycle begins when a need arises (known as the force that causes the behavior). it causes the breakdown of the body’s internal balance and causes a state of tension, dissatisfaction, dissatisfaction and imbalance. This state leads the individual to behave in ways that can achieve download trigger stress and discomfort and imbalance. If the behavior is effective the individual will satisfy the need and return to its initial equilibrium.
When the individual fails to meet the need for it causes frustration and in some cases compensation.

The motivational cycle frustration arises when the tension caused by the need to find a barrier or obstacle blocking motivated behavior becoming a release by the psychological aggression, discontent, indifference, etc Or by the physiological.

It may happen that this tension can be compensated due to the satisfaction of other needs that are able to reduce or relieve the intensity of a need that could not be met.

Although it has been studied people as people, to see these organizations are, as they have a tendency to live in society. They live in organizations that are becoming more dynamic and complex, is why the emphasis is on the second alternative,to study people as resources equipped with skills, abilities and knowledge needed to develop business work, but organizations take full advantage of the skills of their employees?. For this to occur the employee should be encouraged to pay their higher capacity, and that this stimulus must motivate the company exists. Now, organizations can motivate their employees.Maybe you see it could be said that these can be achieved to generate a work environment where self-motivation flourish.

What is the motivation to work?

Work motivation is primarily to keep corporate cultures and values ​​that lead to high performance, so you need to think what one can do to encourage individuals and groups to give the best of themselves in such a way that promotes both the interests of the organization as their own.

Work motivation in organizational climate is the property received by members of the company and that influences the behavior of these, the internal aspects of the organization lead to different kinds of motivation awakening but in more practical terms, the climate organizational leadership depends on the style used and the organizational policies. That’s why, for the organization to produce the desired results, the administrator must play active role and use the right incentives, of real interest of subordinates, for motivation. But teamwork is something difficult to achieve, and therefore not all work groups get the desired success. this is because there are variables such as the capacity of members, the intensity of the conflicts and pressures to solving members internal to follow the rules set, plus the versatility of man is different subject to the influence of many variables. the beam of differences in attitudes, is broad and learned behavior patterns are infinite.