The first to kick off the winter sales in 2013 were the Campania, Sicily and Basilica ta, closely followed by all the other regions. You also have not seen the time that the firm had to give a start to brush up your closet? In fact, in these times of crisis, in which the costs of Italians are drastically reduced, the balances are the only opportunity to spend. But be careful to spend it well! The word that appears in this period balances in the window of every shop is not always a guarantee of purchase cost. Therefore, let us see how to defend ourselves from fraud or bad purchases.

Trust is good but control is better. The ancient proverbs are never wrong, so you might want to check always the discounted prices offered. The smart tactic is to go on patrol in the days before the start of the sales, catch sight something that we like and keep in mind its price. This will then be verified once started balances to make sure that the cost is actually dropped. Another smart move is to not stop at the store, but to compare the prices offered by various sellers. In short, do not be lazy! You may find that you like the article that costs less than a few meters away from where you have seen at a higher cost.


You should especially distrust and discounts very high, above 50%, especially if they come in the early days of the sales. Beware also of items whose availability is too broad. For example, if you see a sweater and find out what is available in all colors and all sizes, it’s probably a jumper placed on the market only for a sale, at a cost of falsely granted. And finally a good look from those stores that do not give you the ability to change the purchased items. If the merchandise is defective is your right to change, even during the sales!