Make a personal bankruptcy is a term very common especially in the field of economy. It therefore relates to companies manufacturing, service companies, industries large and small sizes. But it also concerns already and individuals and larger structures such as the U.S.. We can say that this concept is “trans categorical”, that is to say, it goes beyond the various constituent social classes. Reserved first to the economic structure, it is currently applicable to individuals, governments, the United States. But smoldering this concept and can it be applied symmetrically to both the individual, an economic enterprise and a state? In addition, there may be a reason that justifies or motivates the fall or failure? One can not speak of personal bankruptcy because the development was made ​​possible. In other words, the drop can not occur because there was a change of state at a given moment of history. This means some failures before there is first a success, a moment or a period of growth which allowed to move from one stage to another.


The overlay was not possible for what is the first time and the second space, it can not be that continuity or discontinuity. The comparison between different social groups can lead to talk about this concept in the same direction. Indeed, even if it is still failure versus success, the fact remains that the nature of the different categories. From the individual to the collective that can be a state, there is a difference in quantity. In addition, these categories of economic structure, there is a difference in quality. How to understand this? It is between the individual, the state and the company a different constitution, dissimilar objectives, different methods for achieving the goals or purposes. This situation is all the difference which must exist between these social categories. However, beyond this categorical diversity, can we account for personal bankruptcy? Whatever the category to which it applies, the failure is encountered, but not for the same reasons.

On the economic front, the fall or filing for bankruptcy as it is called in technical language can be explained in several ways. The first, which can account for a business closure, without the most basic, is the debt. What is it there? This is a situation in which the solicitation of creditors or lenders when it is a state that is concerned, where profitability is not following the investment. Investments are classified as poor, and have a direct effect on the viability of the structure. At this point, the bankruptcy is the most likely outcome especially when several rescue attempts have been made without success. These are conditions or external motivations. However, the reasons may be more personal. In this sense, it will be a way to find relief by getting rid of his business. The motivations are, in this perspective, deeper and related psychological or somatic person. Cases of disease, despair or emotional concern can lead to falls and irreversible and immediate.

In short, personal bankruptcy may be due to so deep that understand superficially very often causes misunderstanding reasons. Ranging from one category to another, it is due to several reasons for the establishment of the class, the aims pursued and the methods used. These particularization are determined by these parameters, which influence and induce failures. As part of a company filing for bankruptcy often includes a variable elements that are important in understanding the business closing number.